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Blackberry Curve

Updated on October 27, 2011

Until the Blackberry Curve 8900 came along Mac users were lusting over their IPhone. Now however there is a non-Mac phone which will please Mac users and Blackberry officianados alike.

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When the IPhone came onto the market I bought it as soon as I could and I really loved it. I still do in fact. I don't comprehend why a lot people say that the IPhone is awful. It amazes me how much it takes to please some people. It has some imperfections, sure, but finally here was a phone that not only was designed for Mac users, but also raised the bar for all the other phone companies. Many of the super features on other phones are in answer to the IPhone.

Now with the Curve 8900 the latest Blackberry there is finally some real competition, which is a good thing for Mac users. It seems like other companies realized that Mac folks are some of the largest and most loyal consumers of electronics. You maybe can’t use the CD that comes with the phone on a Mac computer, but you can however log onto the web and do some downloads and then you can use all the features on your Mac book, including iTunes syncing and photos, which is absolutely fantastic because the camera is amazing. The only thing is you need the newest OS on your Mac to use the software from the website, but if you don't have that you can also download Pocket Mac, which works pretty well too.

The web browser works really well, but if you don't relish it you can download another if you feel like it. Opera mini is pretty good too. It’s good that you are able to choose for yourself, which is something you can’t do on the IPhone. The IPhone is still possibly the best web surfing phone on the market, but the Curve is still good, and it is just as fast as the IPhone is. The smaller screen means a much better battery life. You probably still have to charge it every day, but most phones make it two days on pretty heavy use, and you can actually change the battery if you need to which is a real plus. Another big plus is that expandable memory is up to 16 gigabyte.

Blackberry just launched there own Application store too, that is much like the one found on the iPhone, so now you can have all the same things that are on the iPhone like Pandora, and Shazam.

The Blackberry Curve switches to make calls over WI-Fi, on certain plans, saving minutes. That feature is so seamless you won’t notice the switch. Some people might be finicky and want 3g. But they are whiners who don't really know what they want. The Curve has a fast processor, and great WI-Fi capability, and it is super fast plus the call quality is great. The Curve is also more professional than the IPhone and you can do Word documents.

All in all I would recommend switching to the Blackberry Curve You will be very happy with the switch. The only real problem is the locking on the phone. It’s a bit of a pain. It can become unlocked in your pocket, but that can be solved by putting a password on the phone

The IPhone is still very good, but the price and AT&T is a real nuisance. However, don’t throw your IPhone away; a little competition keeps everyone working just that bit harder for the consumer.


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