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How does the Dyson Air Multiplier work?

Updated on September 6, 2010

Dyson Re-invents the Fan

First they re-invented the vacuum cleaner and now its the fan. The design genius Sir James Dyson has put his talent to yet another unlikely appliance, the fan! Its called the Dyson Air Multiplier but how does it work?

Dyson Air Multiplier

The new Dyson Air Mutiplier is nothing like the fans we seem to know today, it might just be the most advanced fan in the world. I looks nothing like a fan, with no blades altogether you might mistake it for a magnifying glass. It pulls air through one side of the ring and amplifies it 15 times to produce a cool continuous flow of 405 litres of air per second. The technology behind this all is kept quiet, but we know that it is powered by a brush less motor which is adjustable with a dimmer switch.

"I've always been disappointed by fans," said inventor Sir James Dyson. "Their spinning blades chop up the airflow, causing annoying buffeting. They're hard to clean. And children always want to poke their fingers through the grille. So we've developed a new type of fan that doesn't use blades."

How it Works

Dyson now have a market that most people might buy into. No longer do we have to worry about the kids poking their finger in the cage on the fan, no more worries of the spinning blades of death whirling around the room. With all this said there is a downside, it costs £200 for the smallest 10 inch model! I'm sure I could kit my whole apartment out with room size propeller fans for that price!

Can you justify safety over money? They are not on the market at the time I wrote this article but when it does, get the best deal from amazon via this link.


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    • stevelast profile image

      stevelast 4 years ago

      It is great to see an innovative product like this, but the conclusion I get from this is that if you like the style and want a device that in 30 years time might still have value to an antiques collector as an icon of our time, and have the cash to throw at it as well, then get it. If not then just get a decent quality fan of the traditional type!

    • profile image

      GOGORANDOMO 5 years ago

      i take my comment back i don't have a dyson fan because they are gay!!!

    • profile image

      GOGORANDOMO 6 years ago

      Yeah, I agree with Roachx beacause i have a dyson fan and they are IMPOSSIBLE to clean...


    • profile image

      Roachx 7 years ago

      If you think normal fan is harder to clean, think again. The Dyson air multiplier has an enclosed air path an a small fan in the base with no extra space to access for cleaning. I would say over time, the air comes out of this fan would be really dirty.

    • retellect profile image

      retellect 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      They don't specify the wattage on their website, no idea why not. Do you know the wattage of the Dyson Air Multiplier?

    • profile image

      oliver 7 years ago

      what is the wattage of this product?

    • profile image

      kevin 7 years ago

      this is amazing.James is a jenius

    • profile image

      Mesh 7 years ago

      OMG! Its a vacuum cleaner with an airplane wing ring! BRILLIANT!