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Robots(Automated Machine)

Updated on December 30, 2014

A robot is defined as the automatic mechanical device which is programmed by the human and it often as the resembling of human or an animal. These robots are guided by the computer program or electronic circuitry. Robots can be having the rights and range from humanoids

The technology of robotics branch is deals with the design, construction, operation and robotic applications as well as Programming software for their controlling, operation, and information processing of robotics in computer systems. The automated machines that can be takes place of human in dangerous environments. Now-a-days, the modern robots are inspired by the nature and those can be called as “bio-inspired robots”. And these bio-inspired robots are beings the new branch of robotics towards the world is known as “soft robotics”.

These robots are placed in the assistance of performing those repetitive and dangerous tasks where humans not to perform the works. These robots can survive in the extreme environmental conditions like bottom of sea, outer space of the earth.

History of Robots:

In the many mythologies around the world is the first existence of automata idea. Many of engineers and inventors from ancient civilization are attempted to build a self-automatic machines. Early the act of describing the archytas artificial doves, Mozi and Lu

Modern Robots:

The following are different robots in now-a-days. They are:

  • Mobile robots
  • Industrial robots
  • Educational robots
  • Service robots
  • Modular robots
  • Collaborative robots

Mobile robots:

Mobile robot is the one of robot which can moves from one place to another place in their environment. For example, the robots which are guided to vehicle called as automates guided vehicle.

These mobile robots are also used in industries, military and security environments. These robots are performing the certain tasks like vacuum cleaning. Now-a-days, these robots are mainly used in ongoing research and almost used in one or more labs for mobile research in major universities around the world.


Industrial robots:

Industrial robots have the other name is known as “manipulating robots”. These robots are usually consists of jointed arm called multi-linked manipulator and the end effecter which is fixed to surface. The gripper assembly is one of the most common types of end effecter. These robots have three or more axes which can be automated controlled, reprogrammable, multi-purpose, and manipulator program in industrial automation applications.

Service robots:

A service robot is a robot which can operates fully autonomously to perform services to human, excluding manufacturing operation. These robots are mostly fixed and used in industries where the productions and distribution of goods.

Educational robots:

Educational robot is the one of robots which can be used as educational assistants to the teachers. These robots are programmed in logo language. There can help to learnt the mathematics, physics, programming, and other... etc to the children where can study in high school and elementary students.

Modular robots:

Modular robot is robots which can the programming of new modular by itself when it requires doing given tasks. These can design to increase the utilization of robots by modularising for their architecture. These robots are composed by L-shapes modular, cubic modular, and U & H shaped modules. Single modular robots are allows to ability of doing single task by fully specialized and there have capacity to do perform multiple tasks.

Now-a-days, this robotic technology is used in transportation, duct cleaning and other. This technology was studied by the many research enters and also in major universities and developed their prototypes.

Collaborative robots:

Collaborative robot is the one of robot which can be safely and effectively to act each other with human beings. They can perform in industrially areas take places in human workers. These collaborative robots are also known as cobot. And these are used in industrial areas. Now-a-days, the universal robots manufacturing the robots which in Denmark.

Top 3 Humanoid Robots

Uses of robots in society:

Nowadays the most of robots are used in Factories, services center, Dirty, dangerous, dull or inaccessible tasks..etc.

Robots usage through the world as follows:

  • In Asia:50% of robots
  • In Europe: 32% of robots
  • In North America:16% of robots
  • In Australasia :1% of robots
  • In Africa: 1% of robots

NOTE: 40% of robots are used in japan and it is the highest number of robots used through the world.



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