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Rogues Gallery of Con Men, Fraudsters and Scammers

Updated on March 27, 2016


All are involved with variations of the "Deceased Bank Customer leaves millions in a Private, Numbered Account, with no known next of kin and no will" type scam. These fraudsters are looking for a potential victim who will claim to be "next of kin", and thus inherit these tens of millions. However, anybody fool enough to fall for it will then find there are all sorts of up-front legal fees, taxes, "Cost of Transfer" fees etc that must firstly be paid in full, before ones funds "can be released" - a situation that is never going to eventuate!

Mrs Rong Geng is working hand in glove with Juan Miguel Gomez to entice a person to open a bogus "Private, Numbered" bank account with Banco Novanca in Spain, into which the bogus funds from Hong Kong are to be "transferred". It costs tens of thousands of euros just to "activate" such an account - all of which (of course!) must be paid in advance.

Michael Brierley is working together with other criminals who are fraudulently posing as a firm of Barristers and Solicitors. In this case, all advance "fees" are paid to this bogus law firm, Min Solicitors.

Email Addresses to beware of

1) Juan Miguel Gomez uses as his email address:,

which Banco Novanca confirm is not one of their email addresses.

2) Mrs Rong Geng uses as her email address:

The Bank of China (Hong Kong) confirms that this person is not an employee of their bank.

3) Michael Brierley uses as his email address:


Metro Bank confirms that this is not one of the bank's email addresses, but is rather one used by scammers.

This person claims the title "Barrister". However, a simple check of the Register of Barristers for England and Wales reveals that there is no such person on their lists of barristers. Neither does "Min Solicitors" appear on their list of chambers. On the contrary, the Solicitor's Regulatory Authority warns that there is no such law firm on their register.

This person also claims the title "Barrister". Likewise, though, their name does not appear on the Register of Barristers for England and Wales.


Michael Brierley and Rong Geng operate as the "Spotters", and make frequent use of the LinkedIn website to search out potential victims. It would seem workers on remote Mining or Oil & Gas sites are preferred targets.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      24 months ago from Curtis

      The email address no longer works, as the domain has now expired.

      However, the confidence trickster that calls themself "Mrs Rong Geng" is still active on the net. She (or he, or them, or whatever) is now using the email address

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Curtis

      Great to hear that.

      Let's spread the word wide and far that this email address has nothing whatsoever to do with Banco Novanca - but rather, is being used by a highly organised gang of criminals.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Yup, was close to being a victim, fortunately my senses told me google the supposedly bank email found this. I terminated immediately my communication with the person to avoid damages on my part.


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