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Rooting your SGS3

Updated on October 20, 2014

If you are tired of your old interface and wanted a custom ROM and a site said you need to root your phone.

And you just wondered how to root your phones and several thoughts might have crossed your mind.

First thought, will it damage my phone?

Well, in 99% cases it doesn’t if you follow the steps correctly.

Second thought, will I lose my data, oh so personal pics and selfies?

Answer is no you won’t but it is always good to have a backup. For Samsung phones the best way to have a backup is to use Samsung kies.

For your reference here is a link for Samsung kies –


Root modifies the operating system that is shipped with the phone and grants you complete control over it. Your phone is like your body and root is the supernatural power given to control your involuntary actions like heartbeat, blood flow, etc.

Well that was just an example to make you understand better what actually root does to your phone.


Rooting procedure is almost same for all Samsung phones. Except the files needed.


  1. A Samsung galaxy s3 (ofcourse!)
  2. Odin3-v3.07 for your laptop
  3. A .md5 file that will help in rooting your phone.

You will get the above files from the following link-

(Not a huge file just 13.32mb)

If you do not have Samsung drivers for your phone on your laptop, here is a link to install the driver-

It is necessary or else odin will not detect the phone when connected to your laptop or computer.



Download all the given files from the link above and store it in a place where you could find it.You can also use files later in case you brick your phone. Unbricking your phone is really simple


Extract the root folder from the zip file and store that folder in a single place.


Open the Odin3-v3.07 with administrative rights from the root folder you will see the following dialog box. The following dialog box is your Odin. It is not only used for rooting or un-bricking it can be used for installing custom ROMS as well. So if you are rooting your phone for installing the custom ROM do not delete ODIN


After opening Odin take your s3 switch it off and boot it into download mode. Use volume down+home(the button at the end of your screen)+power button. You will see something like this.


You will get two options. Select to continue,ie, the volume up button. You will boot into download mode and see a screen like this. Here my current binary shows custom as my phone is already rooted but for you it will show official and same goes for system status. If you are not sure even after locating system su app you can follow step 4 and 5 and check if your status has changed


Now connect your phone to your laptop and if Odin detects your phone you will see the following changes in your odin screen(marked in red).

You will get a message added and a blue icon showing ID:COM will come up. It sometimes turn up to be yellow instead of blue but dont worry it is fine


Now that your phone is connected to Odin click on the PDA button available on the Odin screen and from the root folder select the .md5 file.

It will show various messages as to loaded and stuff just go on to next step after that.


Now that you have loaded your .md5 file all you have to do is press the start button on Odin screen and the Odin will start flashing and once it is done successfully it will display a pass button right above the blue ID:COM button.

Your phone will start automatically it will take a while(about 2 mins) to load at first but don’t worry it happens.

After your phone starts make sure you have a supersu app in your phone. If you find this app

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your s3 just got rooted and now you can install custom ROMS and play a little more with your phone than you would have.

If you have any error or questions about the procedure you can write it in the comments section I check it daily or else you can mail me at

I am not responsible for any damage to your phone.These steps always works for my SGS3.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Let me know what you felt about the article something I could add or remove. Open to your suggestions and comments. Anything else you would want to know I can write an article for that too.


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