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The Rotary Laser Level Provides A Low Risk Hi-Tech Leveling Tool

Updated on February 19, 2010

It is certainly difficult to consider building of any sort these days with out the use of some kind of rotary laser level.

The building industry has been entirely revolutionised by the laser level and specifically the rotary laser level. Their increased accuracy and simplicity of use has taken away many of the measurement issues associated with the old style 'conventional' line and level way of measuring.

The Leica Rugby 280DG Rotary Laser Level
The Leica Rugby 280DG Rotary Laser Level

With the laser level set in place and functioning it is straightforward to verify the height of footings and other constructions around the site. The procedure is straightforward and utilises a special receiver attached on a simple rod. The receiver detects the thin laser beam and sends out an audible indication to show high/low or level settings. So with the receiver fixed at a particular height on the rod it is possible to take readings along the footing to establish precisely how true it is.

The number of uses around the building site are plentiful.

  • Basements
  • Checking elevations
  • Footings
  • Pad placement

However notably the use of the rotary laser level has drastically de-risked important tasks like the setting of footings, boards and anchor plates for steelwork.

Rotary Laser Level
Rotary Laser Level

Quality laser levels just like the Rugby series from Leica have now established the industry standard. They are tough and reliable and have been designed to operate in the unpleasant construction environment. The Leica levels are 'construction tough' and have been tested to conditions well beyond those encountered in day to day use. Leica levels are dust-proof and waterproof to national standards and their solid design enables them to stand up to the typical knocks and scrapes experienced in the construction environment.

There are now numerous options connected with the rotating laser level that have been designed to cater for different aspects of the construction and building trades. There are rotary laser levels that are specifically designed for interior operation and those that are for exterior use. Both types are available with various range capabilities. There are also laser levels with single or dual grading functionality. Grading is another term for slope so a laser with grading functionality can be used to ensure that the recommended inclines are achieved. Rotary laser levels can also be used to provide the reference for machine control for excavators.

The use of rotary laser levels on building sites has significantly decreased the hazard of problems induced by poor measurement. The rotary laser level has turned out to be the decreased risk solution thanks to its basic one touch operation. Rotary laser levels are designed to be robust enough to endure the challenging construction environment.


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    • profile image

      Rotary Laser Reviews 

      8 years ago

      Great hub, and thanks for spreading the word on how good and useful rotary laser levels are. I am not sure the Rugby models cut it any more, with products from PLS and Johnson being the most commonly purchased these days.

      I recently purchased a rotary laser to help put in the footings for a new conservatory and I estimate it saved me quite a few hours work!


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