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Run two accounts in same Android Smartphone without Rooting

Updated on April 7, 2016

I'm a blogger so I've lots of social and Google accounts. And sometime I need to login from another accounts with signing out from the another accounts. For this I've options like i need to open my second account on another browser and login from another device. But what if we don't have another device or computer then? And your device is not too supportive for another browser then i think you need to logout from the first account before login to another account

Run multiple account in one Android Device
Run multiple account in one Android Device | Source

In the time, when whatsapp, facebook, gmail and other social and networking apps are in trend, and the idea of having multiple account of particular app in a device usually disappointed us but now, it is possible to have more than one account of gmail, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram and many more apps.

It is neither by android nor by facebook but developed by some third party, that is easily downloadable via Google play store and is free of cost. The app named ‘parallel space’ allows the user to run dual app system in a smartphone and could work with, simultaneously.

Downloading Parallel space and installing the app is simple. It doesn’t require any rooting, rebooting or restarting the device to start accounts. But all will run simultaneously in a single android device. Parallel space app creates some separate spacing in android phone for these second account, where your apps can run independently, in order to login or logout the accounts. This app is based on the principle of some unique container technology that allows you to run several accounts simultaneously.It requires only 2MB data and worked uniquely to give the best.

So, get ready to have double fun, by playing with two accounts of gaming app, sharing your photos with different social accounts and connect with your friends with your multiple accounts on messenger sounds exiting.

Its time, you to explore this app and enjoy two accounts in a device.


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