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Runtime Error 76 on Your PC - Path Not Found

Updated on February 14, 2012

Run time errors on your PC can be frustrating. Not only does the eror inhibit your productivity while you are working they provide remarkably little information. When you run into runtime errors, they usually have something to do with internet explorer or the windows operating system not being able to read something. It could be a webpage, an add-on device, a file, or anything else you happen to be opening at the time.

A lot of the time this particular Runtime Error 76 refers to something being moved and is usually followed by another error that the path was not found. So, that shortcut was pointing to an incorrect .exe File or another location on your computer. This will usually result in the program that you are trying to load up not to come up at all.

A good example of this is that during some restore operations that are completed do not always put everything back to where they are suppose to. So, if you complete an operation and then try to click on a Microsoft outlook icon on your computer it may be pointing to the incorrect file to start the program. This results in the Runtime Error 76. The problem is relatively easy to troubleshoot and resolve, let’s take a look.

The error looks like this below in one central box.

Runtime Error 76:

Path Not Found

It needs a file that it is unable to find because the file has been deleted or moved into a different location. So, if the file is damaged the coding the file may not be able to be read and another copy of that file would need to be replaced over. If, the file is there and is ok it is also possible another program has it locked. Try restarting your computer to a fresh boot before any other technical troubleshooting is done 8 out of 10 times a reboot is all that is needed.

How To Fix Runtime Error 76

The best way to find out what is causing error 76 is to reinstall the program that you are trying to install. If, something happened during the original installation it is possible that, a file was written incorrectly, copied incorrectly, or damaged in another format. By reinstalling the program, you can make sure there is a fresh copy of all the files needed to run it loaded into your computer.

So the first step, reinstall the program but first remove the old program

Go to start

Control panel

Add/Remove programs list/Uninstall a program option in windows vista and up

Locate the program in the list that populates

Choose an option to remove

Then after, the program is removed find the original installation CD/DVD/download and reinstall a fresh copy. Note: if it is a download re-download the program prior to reinstall

Sometimes programs require access to portions of your system that are not fully patched. If, that is the case doing a windows update can re-patch the system for files and folders that are needed for the program to run properly. To perform windows updates, do the following:

Choose Start


Windows update

It will take you to a small wizard

Choose check for updates

Download any needed updates on your computer

Then reboot and reinstall the program again.

If, the error is still occurring after you have reinstalled the program then the problem goes a little deeper. It is time to get a decent registry cleaner and clean out the mislabeled, misdirected, or invalid registry entries in your computer. This is the number one reason people continue to receive the error message Runtime Error 76.

There are plenty of free registry cleaners out there for your to use. is a excellent place for free utility software, but always check the reviews and see if they worked for others first. Run the program cleans the registry and reboot. At that point, you should be able to install the program. If, it is a cd-rom or DVD install, and it is still not working you may want to replace the disk with another fresh copy. But, in the mean time those three responses will resolve your issues with Runtime Error 76.


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