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SEO Article Marketing 101

Updated on September 5, 2011

Article Marketing | SEO Article Marketing

The practice of writing high quality articles and using them to drive traffic to your website is known as SEO article marketing. Despite its simplicity, article marketing is powerful and highly effective. Unfortunately, many business people tend to ignore it.

Article marketing is relatively easy and involves a few simple steps. To begin with, decide on a topic and identify the keywords you would like to target. Next, write a 400 to 700-word article, which includes the keyword in the title and content of the article. Create a resource box at the end of the article with an anchor text back link to your website. Finally, submit the article to an article directory and you will have effectively created a traffic source. You can also submit a slightly different variation of the article to social news and social book marking sites.

To generate article ideas, browse the Internet. Check out your competitor’s sites and article directories such as,,, in addition to many others. Topics that do well are mainly ‘how to’ articles, tips on how to solve a problem, issues to avoid and responding to problems. There are many opportunities for such articles in most niches.

Make sure your articles are SEO optimized. The main keyword should be used in the title and should be repeated once in each paragraph. However, be careful not to overuse the keyword otherwise you will be guilty of keyword spamming and incur a penalty from search engines. Do not forget to insert the anchor text in the resource box at the end of the article. If possible and if the article directory allows you to do it, create a link to your website within the article body as well.

Of concern in article marketing is duplicate content. Avoid sending the same article to multiple article directories. This may be against the advice of bulk article submission sites, but the fact is, if you submit the same article to multiple directories, subsequent articles will eventually be flagged as duplicate content. Google has a filter that identifies duplicate content and penalizes the duplicate content in ranking.

If you do not want to write the articles yourself, do not have the time or simply do not have writing skills, you can get someone to write the articles for you. Some excellent online market places where you can hire a freelance writer include:

You can effectively use article marketing to drive traffic to your site and outrank your competition. However, you must be consistent with your article submissions and ensure you do it at least once a month. This will ensure that you have adequate traffic to your site via numerous back links created by all your articles. It should form a central pillar of your Internet marketing strategy; capitalize on its simplicity and low cost.

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