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SEO For Beginners

Updated on July 26, 2009

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Some have, erroneously, got a pretty bad impression of SEO because of some black-hat strategies. Such strategies should ALWAYS be avoided - at any price. Deal decently with SEO, obey the rules and walk the full mile, and you will achieve much better results - both long term and income wise.

Some SEO bureaus have put a very high price on their services, but you CAN actually achieve good results in search engines on your own. In this hub you will get some key rules that will allow you to go a long way in achieving good results in search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and many others.

What you MUST remember:

  1. Provide UNIQUE content
  2. Proper coding of websites - validation
  3. Organic links - linkBUILDING the right way

Provide UNIQUE content

Don't fall for the idea of providing "automatic content." Building a blog by personal content you have written yourself will ALWAYS perform better than copying content. Not only do you run the risk of being penalized for duplicate content, but people who come to your sites will also notice the lack of your own "writing style", and will move on to other sites.

So if you want to attract the right type of visitors you should optimize your own unique content to earn the best and get placed as good as possible.

Proper coding of websites - validation

Coding your websites correctly will serve a dual purpose. It makes it easier for the handicapped to "see" your pages using reading software on your site. But furthermore it is just like seeing a Word document in a "normal" text editor. Codes will show up as nonsense, such as this:

¡“§££∞∞™¶[[Title of()&)(&!=document¶This is text when not seen in Word

Notice that the above example is only a manual rendering of codes. It might look somewhat differently, but the POINT behind showing this is to show you that search engines can READ well-coded sites. Improperly coded, sites will become difficult to read, just like a Word-document read outside the wordprocessing programme.

That is an explanation you rarely hear from SEO-experts because many of them can't code properly. They rely upon other elements in optimizing to achieve their results, but could score much higher if they would learn proper standards. See the link below to learn about proper HTML.

Organic links - linkBUILDING the right way

When you build backlinks the right way, you get much better results. Try releasing a link or two in newsgroups (on Usenet), and write comments on blogs with links to your site from time to time. You build BOTH organic and search engine backlinking by being active in forums, in comments boxes etc.

SEO The Right Way

SEO done the right way optimizes what you have CREATED. Gives you a chance to stand out, and provides an opportunity to earn far more than you would have done if you didn't optimize your websites.

Competition is hard at times. Many people hunt the same keywords. You will want to bet on niches - your own little oasis that is free for you to build good online crediblity. Once you have taken all the baby steps in updating your blogs, keeping content fresh, building backlinks and scored well you can take on bigger challenges.

Follow my blogs. I regularly detail elements in SEO. You can build an online income, but it takes action. Get started today, before you forget.

Example of search engines

Should You Optimize Only for Google?

The answer to the question "Should you optimize only for Google?" is rather obvious. The answer is "NO"...

The idea some people have is that if a website scores well in Google it will do the same in other search engines. Everything is a question of focus.

Branding a person is different from branding a company. Both entail getting people to recognize a name, but the methods involved are very different. When you want to brand a person you will want the person to stand out in relevant forums, online networks etc. When building a company brand you will want to brand BOTH the product AND the company involved.

So watch all search engines when you want to see how well you score.


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