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SEO Keywords : Keywords tools, tips, techniques and software

Updated on June 8, 2011

Keywords or SEO keywords are very important for hubbers, website or blog owners to rank and dominate. Many keyword tools, software of SEO etc. are available (either free or paid). They are helpful for ranking, optimizing and dominating. This page gives a basic idea of keywords or SEO keywords or Keyword tools. Also some keyword tips, SEO techniques and software will also be mentioned for learning, ranking and dominating in the Internet world. At last, I put my own techniques to success and dominating on keywords. 

SEO Keywords / Keyword / Keywords / Tag / Tags

A keyword is a descriptor or an index term or an index which is used for information retrieval. Sometimes, it is also termed as tags orsimply tag.

People often search through Google or Yahoo by using several word or words. All these are taken and used to search. When any word is searched that particular word or words are taken and by using keywords, the search engine shows the results.

All keywords are stored in a search index. Articles (i.e. a, an and the), conjunction (and, or etc.) are not treated as keywords.

Based on these keywords, search engine ranks pages. So, it helps for search engine optimization. And so, sometimes refers as SEO keywords. (SEO refers as Search Engine Optimization.)

Why is it necessary?

The most important necessity of keywords or SEO keywords are to find the best match result for satisfying the user who is searching through search engine and ranking the pages.

Why hubbers or website owners or blog owners care for them?

Best keywords are always welcomed to all. It's necessary for both the search engine and the user also. Reasons for caring keywords are the following:

By using keywords, a publisher or owner of a blog or webpage or a hubber tells about the content of his or her pages to the search engines.Search engine index all the keywords and learns about the page contents.

When anybody search through one of the search engine, then search engine takes the words from the user and finds out the best matches from it's indexed keywords.Then only the best matched results are thrown to the user. 

And for all these reasons, everybody cares about keyword or keywords or tag or tags or SEO keywords.

How can find the best keywords or SEO keywords:

Keywords depend on the contents. When you think for keywords then just think some words of your content through which anybody can guess about the content of the pages. If you do then best. Alt these words are keywords. 

Moreover, there are many free websites which are providing several keywords related to your contents. By using them you can easily guess your keywords.

If you have enough money, you may also take services form such keyword provider companies. (I hate this technique because it kills much money and not helpful for long run juurney.) 

I think it's wise to take help form the free keyword finder websites. I will discuss some of the the free keyword search tools or SEO keywords tools and techniques here also.

Keyword Search Tools or Techniques or Websites:

Yah !! You are very much interested to know the name of those tools. Many tools are available. But I will mention some of the most useful tools through which I think you may success.They are mentioned briefly below: 

Logo of Google AdWords keyword tool

Google AdWords keyword tool logo form ""
Google AdWords keyword tool logo form ""

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Using this free keyword tool, anyone can get the basic idea of new keywords. Two ways you can get keywords ideas. One way is to enter some descriptive words or phrases. The other way is to provide your website's URL and get some keywords ideas. Its very flexible and ease to use. To use this great tool, you have to visit the website by link.

Search-based Keyword tool Logo

Google's search-based keyword tool logo form ""
Google's search-based keyword tool logo form ""

Google's Search-based Keyword Tool

Searched-based keyword tool is based on the actual queries of Google search. It's totally free. You can find related keywords for a specific term by providing your website's address and some word or phrases. Alternately, you can find keywords which are grouped by topic. To access this great tool, follow the link:

Logo of Insights for Search Tool by Google

Insights for search tool logo form ""
Insights for search tool logo form ""

Google Insights for Search Keyword Tool

Another free tool by Google. Through this anyone can get a excellent idea about the world's people searching. If you use it, then you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames. Moreover, you can do research on keywords. I like this tool best. The address to access to this great free tool is:

Logo of SEO keyword tool

SEO keyword tool logo form ""
SEO keyword tool logo form ""

SEO book keyword-tool:

This tool is very helpful for discovering keywords. It's very fast and easy to use. Any user can easily use it. It's free 100%. Moreover, by using it, you can easily export data easily. You can get this free keyword search tool by the following address:

Logo of Ariclejockey

Ariclejockey's logo form"
Ariclejockey's logo form"


This is also another great tool. This tool has a great advantages for article writing. If you write article by using it, then it can very helpful for SEO optimization. It's a great tool for research of keyword densities. But it's not a totally free software. You can use it freely for a limited time. After that, you have to pay to use it. Yet it's a great tool. To use it, please go to the following link:

Logo of Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Tool logo form ""
Wordtracker Keyword Tool logo form ""

Wordtracker's Keyword Tool

Wordtracker provides a free keyword suggestion tool. To find keywords, you have to start by a keywords and then search. It can generate up to 100 related keywords. Moreover, it's capable of estimate of the keywords daily search volume. Anyone using Internet Explorer 7, or Firefox 2 or 3, can add wordtracker keywords search to his or her browser. For visiting this free tool, visit:

Logo of Keyword Country

Keyword Country's logo form ""
Keyword Country's logo form ""

Keyword Country

Keyword country is very helpful for finding AdSense keyword serar. It can predict AdSense keywords. People who are using it, tells that they can access easily most profitable high paying keywords. Keyword Country claims that "Keyword Country keeps a close eye on the online industries and discovers most happening keywords even before Search Engines do". The address of this search tool is:

Logo of Spyfu

Spyfu's logo form ""
Spyfu's logo form ""


Spyfu is basically a keyword research tool. It researches based on your competitors and their keywords. Anyone can search through a domain or keyword name. It can show the tom 100 SEO, top 100 SEM spenders and keywords with highest cost per click. But the main thing is that you have to subscribe to get the best result. You can access spyfu by the link:

Logo of Microsoft adCenter Labs

Logo of Microsoft adCenter Labs from ""
Logo of Microsoft adCenter Labs from ""

Microsoft adCenter Labs

Microsoft adCenter Labs provides a number of useful tools.You can easily get keyword research tools. It provide keyword forecast tool, keyword group detection tool etc. Moreover, other tools are also available. To visit this tool you have to visit through link.

SEO for Firefox Logo

Logo of SEO for Firefox from ""
Logo of SEO for Firefox from ""

SEO for Firefox

You can use it with Mozilla Firefox easily. By using it, you can see important competitive research and search engine marketing data very quickly and easily. It generally shows data directly inside Google and Yahoo search results. To use this good tool just visit the like, download it and then read the instruction about it's usage. I think it helps you very much.

GoRank Ontology Finder Logo

Logo of GoRank Ontology Finder from ""
Logo of GoRank Ontology Finder from ""

GoRank Ontology Finder

The Ontology finder for related finder allows user to find those words by which Google thinks they are related to the hubber or website or blog owner's keywords. It's very helpful for search engine optimization. You can use this tool by following the link:

My Personal Opinion

Different keywords or SEO keywords main aim is to optimize your page and dominate over large webpages. It's not too hard not to easy task. But the real truth is that you have to learn and give much time at the beginning about keywords. I mentioned several tools names. All of them are either fully free or partially free. Moreover, some paid service is also available. I personally use Google's services and SEOBook's services. And I find much flexibility to do that. Remember, using one of this tools or all of the tools aren't enough to success or dominate. Some of the techniques to success with keywords or SEO keywords are mentioned below:

  • Try to think about the contents of the page.
  • Think through which words are the best match of the contents.
  • Are all the words are enough to guess the contents?
  • If yes, try to use any tool and find out other relevant words.
  • If not, try to find out others. Sometimes, synonyms are also useful. Try again. Now, take any search tool and give a little try to match some words.
  • Always select the words which are relevant to your contents. Otherwise, don't use those words.
  • And finally, add keywords and finished.
  • But one more step, don't forget to publish your page and create back links and increase your web traffic.

And now, I think it's enough for understanding about keyword tools or SEO keyword tools or Keyword Tips or SEO Techniques etc...... all. If you have any queries or any suggestions, please mention to the comment box. Thanks everybody for reading patiently. Bye.

© Written and presented by rancidTaste.


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    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      lorlie6, thanks for your comment. Wish you have a great success to give a try of the ideas...

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 

      9 years ago from Grizzly Flats, Ca

      I appreciate your response so much, rancidTaste. I guess I'll give your idea a try!

    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      thanks lorlie6 for your query. actually this type of message appears when you have small length of contents with less amount of keywords. I also have the same situation several times. But the thing i do is that I don't look at the keywords rather create my own keywords and then I see great traffic. Moreover, sometimes I found hubpages has the problem to generate keywords and then you have to try the keywords later.... I don't know why sometimes hubpages have the problem to generate keywords....

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 

      9 years ago from Grizzly Flats, Ca

      Hi rancidTaste-I have a question. I'm very new to computers and keywords continue to confuse me. When I publish hubs, sometimes keywords appear in my stats, but other times, I see the phrase "There are no search words for this hub." Does that mean I have no keywords in those hubs? And often when I do have keywords, they really have nothing to do with what I have written!

      Perhaps I should use AdWords more-as you suggest!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      wow,that's a great list of resources. Thanks for the lengthy article

    • profile image

      Internet Marketing Company 

      10 years ago

      wow that's great post

    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thnaks, for your comment.

    • moinseo profile image

      Moinoddin MD 

      10 years ago from Hyderabad AP India

      All the information you have given good manner..


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