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SJ4000 Action Camera Review After Owning it For 1 Month

Updated on April 27, 2016

SJ4000 Review

So about 6 weeks ago I purchased an SJ4000 action camera from China and for the past 4 weeks or so I have been playing around with this camera and have filmed a few videos which I would like to share with you as I wrote a hub a few weeks ago after receiving the SJ4000. Over the past few weeks I have made a few motovlogs however the audio has not been very good as I was using a cheap 0.66USD microphone which I purchased from China HOWEVER today I was at an electronic store closing down sale and I found a new microphone which made the world of difference. I think when creating motovlog videos the most important thing is to have good audio. So after 3 weeks of owning this camera I am still very happy with the quality I actually went for a big ride today and after 1 hour and 30 minutes of riding the camera still had a little battery life in it. With my Panasonic cam coder I am lucky to get 45 minutes out of it. Over the past few weeks I have also changed a few settings on the camera and I will include the videos below so that you know how to solve common problems with this camera. The video quality is very good for the price but be sure to get the original SJ4000 as I have seen some other videos on youtube of people using the fake sj4000 cameras and the quality is terrible in my opinion. Also see my other hubs I have another hub on here which will show you how to tell the difference between the fake and real sj4000 action cameras. Below I am going to answer some common questions.

Can The SJ4000 Record At Night?

So you may be thinking If I purchase this camera will I be able to use it to film footage at night time? Well I went out for a ride the other night just to give it a test and I was quite impressed. Below is the test video I made so that you can see for yourself.

SJ4000 Night Recording Test

Can I make Time Lapse Videos With The SJ4000?

Can I make Time Lapse Videos With The SJ4000? Yes you definitely can. I have made a video on how to set your SJ4000 up to make time lapse videos and how to edit them using video editing software. I will also put a video below which shows you an example of the time lapse I made. It wasn't the best day for a time lapse as there wasn't much movement but you get the idea. All you will need is a tripod or some where you can place the camera and leave it.

How To Set Up Your SJ4000 For Time Lapse Videos

How To Edit Your Time Lapse Videos

SJ4000 Time Lapse Example Video

Can I Use The SJ4000 Camera To Make Motovlog Videos?

Can I Use The SJ4000 Camera To Make Motovlog Videos? Yes your certainly can. This is the main reason I purchased this camera. The only thing different you will have to do is you will have to record the audio to another device such as a voice recorder or your mobile phone. I have been playing around with it for the past few weeks and I only just got the audio good today by purchasing a new microphone. The Sj4000 that I purchased came with various mounts which made it easy to make to my helmet. I mounted mine to the side of the helmet but a bit closer to the front of helmet compared to most people ( You can see what I mean in the video below).

MY SJ4000 Helmet Camera Set Up


So to sum things up I definitely recommend purchasing this product. The quality is great for the price and I am very happy with my purchase. It would make a great action camera for surfing, diving, motocycle riding, cycling and a lot more! Thanks for reading my hub and I hope it is helpful for someone.


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