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STM Micro iPad Jacket with Removable Shoulder Strap, Handle, Pockets and Style

Updated on March 21, 2011


Regardless whether you have an iPad, an iPad 2, a Netbook or other device that measures 10 inches or less the STM iPad or Laptop Bag will accommodate it. It is thin, lightweight and offers multiple pockets for carrying accessories, paperwork and cell phones. Carry it alone or tuck it inside a larger bag just as you would a laptop jacket/sleeve.

Unlike a typical iPad laptop jacket/sleeve with its single zipper and no pockets, the STM Jacket has a removable padded shoulder strap and multiple pockets. A shoulder strap adds hands free functionality and the pockets are convenient - both features are important to me.  In addition to the shoulder strap the STM Jacket/Sleeve offers a handle that may appeal to those feeling that a shoulder strap looks too much like a purse or that it gives a less than business-like look.


Regardless whether you prefer a strap or a handle the STM Jacket/Sleeve makes it easy to take your favorite computing device with you while on the go. Sometimes I want to just have the bare necessities available. Typically I carry my iPad charger, my iPhone, tickets while traveling or an important file for the next meeting. This bag has pockets that are perfect for each of these. The integrated key ring and pocket for identification or business cards is a perfect touch. A larger-bulkier bag is overkill in some circumstances. Although, on the other hand – there are times when having a bag small enough to carry inside my larger bag is a major plus. This versatile design should appeal to just about techie. Even if you only carry an iPad or laptop because it is required by your boss – this STM Jacket will make your job a bit easier.


The STM Jacket/Sleeve is available in a few color combinations which include black and teal or chocolate and orange. An Amethyst all-over choice is also available. The overall measurements of this bag are approximately 8.8 inches X 12.2 inches X 1.5 inches. On the front of the Jacket/Sleeve is a zippered pocket that is nearly the size of the bag. A unique iPhone pocket is located on top of the zippered pocket.  The back side has an open pocket that is also nearly the size of the bag. None of the three pockets are gusseted which may be a bit inconvenient but it does add to the sleek look of the overall design.


I am currently using a small bag by Case Logic. It has a separate compartment for my iPad yet it is still fairly narrow and does not look bulky. Instead of a purse I carry a bag that accommodates my daily necessities. However, the STM Micro iPad jacket offers more style. As with everything in life there are always trade-offs. This is a case where owning both bags would be nice.   

The inside of the STM iPad Jacket is a complimentary color to the outside and is super soft so scratches are not a worry. The zipper spans across two sides of the bag so the opening is large enough to easily insert the iPad or netbook. If your iPad has a form fitting case it should fit – but it cannot be too bulky. Although the STM iPad Jacket is thin and sleek it does offer a bit of padding. Unless you expose your iPad to extreme conditions the STM Micro iPad Jacket should offer adequate protection.



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