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STM Skinny Case for iPad 2 - Resembles a Smart Cover with Snap-In Hard Shell Back

Updated on April 30, 2011

The iPad 2 is so skinny. It is thinner than my iPhone 4 so it is understandable that a thick bulky case would not please me. The pink vinyl Apple Smart Cover was my initial choice and it works very well. The look is great and it is easy to grasp without fear of my iPad 2 slipping from my hand. The only thing missing is enough support to protect it from scratches and possible pressure from things in my bag. The STM Skinny iPad 2 Case addresses my concerns.

The STM Skinny Case is not bulky. It is much like the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover with the addition of a hard case that protects the backside of the iPad 2. The available colors are limited to black, sage green and mushroom but each one is a nice shade that would be appropriate for any occasion including work.

The Skinny Case measures the same as the iPad 2 so the sides of the iPad 2 are left a bit bare. The upside is that all ports and buttons are left uncovered.

STM Skinny iPad 2 Case

STM Skinny Case Best Features:

It is Skinny but protects the iPad 2 with Snap-In Hard Back

Colors are subtle and work for any occasion

Inside is soft plush fabric to protect iPad from scratches

All ports, buttons and back-side camera left uncovered

Auto-on/Auto-off Feature

Works as an iPad 2 Stand

Corners are always vulnerable and that is where the STM Skinny Case provides additional protection. Each corner has a hard plastic clip-like device that the iPad 2 snaps into. Once you hear the snap – the iPad 2 is securely held in place.

The iPad 2 has a back facing camera and that is also allowed for with the STM Skinny Case. There is a small hole in the hard back cover of the Skinny Case that perfectly aligns with the camera.

The STM Skinny Case has the auto on/auto off feature found in the Apple Smart Cover. The magnets that operate this feature are found inside the case so the built-in magnets inside the iPad 2 are not utilized. The front cover of the Skinny Case folds completely flat against the back of the case making the iPad 2 easy to use when your lap is your only desk.

Viewing angles are as important as any other feature of an iPad 2 case. The STM Skinny Case has a double duty tab – it functions to keep the Skinny Case securely closed – then it serves to hold the Skinny Case in place as an iPad 2 stand.

The STM iPad 2 Case is reasonably priced at about $40. It would work well as an everyday iPad 2 Case or it could be saved for travel. Students carrying their iPad 2 in a book bag would probably appreciate the protection provided by this Skinny Case. The style is left intact – which is something that all iPad 2 owners appreciate.


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