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SafeSleeve Presents Their Anti-Radiation 5 in 1 Detachable Cell Phone Case and Anti-Radiation 3 in 1 Lap Desk

Updated on June 16, 2020

Protect Against More Than Just A Fall

You can call something that covers something a “sleeve”, but that doesn’t mean much if it isn’t helpful. So a sleeve for a smartphone or for a tablet or laptop by itself says very little — nothing really — because it’s what that sleeve has that makes or breaks it. So let’s say you want protection for your smartphone, specifically an iPhone 11, but shouldn’t that mean a case that can do more than just wrap around the phone? The same with a “case” (i.e. a sleeve) for that tablet or laptop — what exactly is the value of covering it up? Well if it’s made by SafeSleeve, then that covering is going to do a whole lot more than just hide the device inside some material. So let’s get specific about the Anti-Radiation 5 in 1 Detachable Cell Phone Case for the iPhone 11, and follow it up with the Anti-Radiation 3 in 1 Lap Desk for MacBooks and other devices.

Basic Function Of A Smartphone Case Plus

The Anti-Radiation 5 in 1 Detachable Cell Phone Case has the basic function of any case, which is to wrap itself around the smartphone (i.e., iPhone 11) and protect it from the wear and tear of use in daily life. This case does that but not by popping itself on and around the iPhone; instead it works in a detachable manner in which the case opens itself up (unfolds if you will) and then holds the phone in position through a magnetic inner case that the phone uses to adhere to the inside of the case (the case itself opens/closes via a magnetic latch that works much better than a snap or Velcro. This means you can remove the phone at any time if you should so choose — but since there’s a built-in adjustable stand to the case, why bother if it’s about looking at the phone without holding onto it? So leaving the phone in the case, you’ll notice that there is full access to all the buttons and ports and of course the microphone and the camera lens aren’t muffled/blocked. Sharing space inside the case is a cash pouch (folding money obviously) and 3 slits for credit cards (or your Costco card, Grocery card, etc.). And since the iPhone 11 itself isn’t tiny, the case isn’t either and won’t be fitting into a tiny shirt pocket. But no worries, as the case meets military grade protection standards (Mil-STD 810G) and can keep the phone inside safe (relatively speaking because throwing it against a concrete floor on purpose is only going to prove how inane a person could be).

Keeping What’s Inside From Getting Out and the Reverse

Where the case gets really interesting is when the phone and those credit cards are inside, because the outside doesn’t show the specialness built-into the case. That consists of RFID material, which means it blocks signals from those who would seek to leach info (identify too). It’s a passive tech so no worries that invisible beams of “death” are being shot your way. But speaking of invisible, ELF electromagnetic radiation (EMR) could be a worry to some and so it would be helpful if the case could deal with that. Which it does, because the front flap blocks 99% of RF (radio frequency) and 92% of EMR. What you don’t get should not hurt you and that is what this is all about. All this is due to the fact that the phone is going to be close to your body most of the time, except when you want to be taking it out and about, which is why there’s the whole detachable magnetic inner case thing.

What You Can Now Expect From A Lap Case

So all this is great for your phone, but here’s that tablet or laptop waiting to take up problematic slack? No, because SafeSleeve has their Anti-Radiation 3 in 1 Lap Desk working (remember we mentioned it earlier?). It’s designed differently than a case because what it holds is different than a smartphone — a sleeve makes sense for a tablet/laptop. It’s also designed to be used as a work surface, so it’s made with a rigid construction to it — not those flimsy, floating in the wind sleeves out there. Because you’ll be using the laptop on your lap (hey, it’s in the name) and so it needs to be firm and also allow for airflow, since laps getting hot from the batteries in the bottom of laptops ain’t cool (bad pun, sure). So you’ve put this lap case on your lap and the laptop on top of it and aren’t worried about heat because we just told you that the heat shield built in deal with that. But what about that RF and EMR radiation that comes out of the laptop seated right there. Isn’t it heading straight down towards your thighs — you gotta protect your thighs! So there’s a radiation shield also built in to block all that invisible gunk beaming out. And at the same level as that of the case — 99+% of RF and 92+% of EMR.

That’s all good but where’s that USB charging cable, I knew I had it somewhere, along with a few dollar bills I tossed in for a crunch bar later, you say. It’s right where you put in — in the zippered accessory pouch that’s part of the Lap Desk. Work on that memory.

The Anti-Radiation 5 in 1 Detachable Cell Phone Case comes in black, blue, red, green, beige and brown colors. The Anti-Radiation 3 in 1 Lap Desk comes in black or red and two sizes: Large - fits all 15-16" MacBook models (Standard, Air, Pro etc.), and Small - fits all 11-14" MacBook models (Standard, Air, Pro etc.), PC Laptops, all iPad/Tablets, and other electronics devices

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