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Salesforce freelance developer

Updated on July 1, 2013
DEV 401 certified
DEV 401 certified
ADM 201 certified
ADM 201 certified
Sales Cloud certified
Sales Cloud certified

Why Salesforce?

There are lots of advantages for Salesforce over conventional platforms like php or java. It is very difficult and costly to manage these systems. Read more about how Salesforce can be used in your small and medium sized businesses,

Salesforce for Small and Medium Business

Salesforce Freelance Developer

I am a freelance Salesforce developer. I have completed following certifications in

  • Salesforce certified developer (DEV401)
  • Salesforce certified administrator (ADM201)
  • Salesforce certified Sales Cloud Consultant (CON201)

I have the support of a group of 5 other freelance developers well versed in different software development platforms like Java,J2EE, Webservices, Android, JQuery, HTML, website development, PHP-MySQL etc.

Please leave a comment in case of any development assignments or consultations

Pay After Delivery Model

We follow 'payment after delivery model'. Client needs to pay only after getting the software delivered. This makes sure that client is never overcharged and offers the flexibility to work even in the absence of a contract. Payment should be done through Paypal.

We are looking for medium sized development assignments, which a bunch of 5 developers can complete within 1 month, in technologies mentioned above.

How it works?

  • Leave a note : If you are ready to give development works to us, you can leave your contact and a small description of your requirement in comments. Also you can send a mail to
  • Contacting you :We will contact you to get more details and full set of requirements. It is expected to get an overall idea of what needs to be done. We will be contacting within two days.
  • Splitting into Milestones : If it is a bulk work, total requirement set will be split into mutually agreeable milestones. Payment amount will be decided for each part. Until getting first milestone delivered, client does not need to pay even a single penny. A plan with milestones and payments after deliver of each milestone will be prepared.
    For all types of works, milestone model will not suit, in such cases, hourly payment model can also be followed.
  • Developing and Delivering Milestones :Each of the decided milestones will be delivered in stipulated time.
  • Payment for Delivered Milestones : Once milestones are delivered, customer needs to give the payment for the delivered milestones. Once payment is done only next milestone work will be started. This point can be relaxed, if there is any valid reason from client end for getting payment approvals.
  • Completion of work : In this manner, each milestones will be delivered and payment will be received as per the milestone plan kept earlier.
  • Helping in tweaks on delivered tasks without additional charge : Any minor tweaks in deliveries or minor requirement changes will done and delivered free of cost from our end.

We are looking forward in a long term relation with our clients. We hope if we are delivering best solution for the requirements of our clients, we will be able to build contacts across world and soon register and start developing software solutions as a company.

Salesforce App Development

Developing apps in Salesforce is easy and fast compared other platforms. Also Salesforce offers built in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions which can be used with very minor changes in sales and call center environments.

Salesforce app development can be done with just one web browser. This offers a lot of opportunity for outsourcing. If you have just purchased Salesforce user license, you can allow a developer to work on building apps in your sandbox by creating a login for the developer. Also you can see the progress in real time from your login fron any other location, how your application is changing, what features has the developer added newly etc.

Using multiple Sandboxes for development

Usually all Salesforce development works are done in developer sandbox. Sandboxes are web based replica of your app. There are three kinds of Sandboxes,

  • Full copy sandbox : It is a full replica of your production or live sandbox. Usually it is kept as a temporary backup for production or as a testing environment with similar conditions as production
  • Configuration Only Sandbox: This is another type of sandbox with 500MB storage, which also can be used in different stages of development and integration testing
  • Developer Sandbox : This type of sandbox has only 10MB storage. It is mainly targeted for development works and unit testing.

So if you have any Salesforce development assignments feel free to contact us. We will take care from developing stage to deploying in production if needed.

We are assuring most efficient code meeting all professional standards. All the classes,visualforce page controllers and triggers will be delivered with proper test methods. In case of any future maintenance we are ready to do it for free.

Consulting service will be free, if development will be given to us. We are sure, we can provide the best possible solution with

Development Experience

All the developers in this group are experienced more than 4 years. We have successfully delivered over 20 apps in Also there are nearly 15 other services delivered like java based apps, websites etc.

Advantages of giving development to freelancer development assignments can be easily outsourced, as it is a cloud platform. Please see the advantages of giving development assignments to freelancers.

  • Freelancer can work from any corner of the world, you just need to create new user and grant login access to your sandbox. Once development is over you can make the user inactive, making sure, freelancer does not have access to sandbox anymore.
  • Development progress can be monitored in real time.
  • chatter can be used to share requirements and real time communication between developer and client.
  • There is no need to provide any development support tools. Only an internet browser will be enough for development.
  • In addition to these advantages, our clients have one more advantage, Our clients does not need to pay even a single penny, until first part (milestone) is delivered. We believe, it gives them the confidence to start business with us.

Contact Us

Please drop a mail to or leave a note. You will be contacted immediately.

Find us on Google+


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 3 years ago from India

      @Steve - I have went through the requirements you shared. Development is also started in your developer edition using the login ID that you have shared. You can find development details in any opportunity record as a new button "generate quote", which will generate a popup where PDF can be viewed.

    • profile image

      Steve 3 years ago

      I want to a PDF quote generation facility in opportunity with products added to that opportunity. My company's logo needs to be placed at the top. It will be great if there a popup page to preview the PDF where i can make changes to product description. I have sent clear details and PDF design to the email.

      Please check and revert immediately, I want this to be completed before year end.

    • profile image

      Milan 4 years ago

      That was faster than I expected. Thanks

    • profile image

      Jackson 4 years ago

      Thank you vinner for the quick implementation with all expected features. Will contact directly to your email for future assignments.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 4 years ago from India

      @Milan : I went through the requirements you emailed. Those are clear. These are simple requirements. As you suggested we can write an apex trigger on the data loading object and in trigger we can split it and insert in two different objects. Please find all details in the email I sent you.

    • profile image

      Milan 4 years ago

      I have a salesforce sales cloud customization. I want to split the data I am entering in one object into two different object records with relation. I heard it can be achieved through trigger. Please advise. Also quote an amount for this requirement. My salesforce edition is Enterprise edition

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 4 years ago from India

      @Jackson : I can write a batch(one class) in running automatically everyday. I saw your email with details. I can deliver all of these features over one week at $200. Milestones are at $100(after delivering SMS sending feature) and $200(after delivering automatic scheduling of SMS). Please find more details in email.

    • profile image

      Jackson 4 years ago

      Hi I have a based application for managing my Spectacles shop. I am using unlimited edition with single user licence. As of now, I have sales and free one year after sale service management features implemented in Salesforce. I would like to integrate it with StrikeIron SMS API, to provide better cusotmer services and improve sales.

      I want to check whether some feature in will help to integrate with STRIKEIRON SMS API and allow me to send SMS automatically on the birthday's of cusotmers (we are gathering birthday information and it is already saved in giving them 5% discount on Sun glasses.

      I have sent details in email sent to you. Please let me know what is the solution and whether you can deliver it within $200 budget?