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Samsung Chromebook Review (Part 2)

Updated on June 29, 2013

The Samsung Chromebook: A Look into the Future

When I enrolled in online school, I decided to purchase a laptop. I had been using a Dell desktop computer for a year and wanted something different – something portable. I purchased a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook to compliment my desktop computer and provide access to my school work when I was away from home. I have been using the laptop every day for several months, to perform a multitude of resource-intensive tasks. I highly recommend the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook to anyone looking for a simple device to fulfill their daily technological needs, on account of its full functionality, cost-efficiency, and high-performance.

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is a remarkably versatile laptop by reason of its abundance of web apps giving it the ability to serve nearly any purpose. The Samsung Series 3 hosts the ChromeOS operating system, maintaining the one distinguishing characteristic shared by all Chromebooks. ChromeOS is a system that functions entirely on web apps; for, nothing is installed on the physical machine. Google’s Chrome Web Store contains an astonishingly comprehensive collection of web apps that can be freely installed into the user's browser. The functions that can be performed by the apps cover a wide range of areas, including media editing, programming, social networking, media entertainment, email, blogging, reading news stories, and viewing RSS feed aggregators. It has been argued that the configuration of the operating system, and its inability to hosts applications, limit the laptop's versatility, when compared to its competitors Mac and Windows - operating systems on which application are directly installed. While this claim may be grounded in truth, it puts too much emphasis on the inconsequential minority of users who perform very specific, well defined tasks. This takes the emphasis off the vast majority of the people who would be using the computer - people who would be performing basic daily functions such as checking email, checking social network(s), watching videos and doing internet research. With that said, Google’s Chrome Web Store is expanding every day to meet the needs of the wide array of people interested in using the computer, including the most specialized professionals. While the laptop supports a wealth of web apps making it a fully functional device, it is able to maintain a low cost.

The Series 3 is less expensive that all laptops, and most netbooks, tablets, and Chromebooks; which makes it a great computer for anyone looking to save money without losing any quality or functionality. The inexpensiveness of the laptop does not take away from its functionality, quality, performance, ease of use, or clean, sleek appearance. It is about half the price of an equivalent laptop, netbook, or tablet. The quality of the computer makes it much less likely to need maintenance or repair, keeping the long term costs low. In addition to its multi-functionality and low price, the computer is high-performing.

The Series 3 performs better than any other Chromebook due to its high quality, quiet hardware, and lightweight operating system. This Chromebook uses a solid-state drive, the newest dual-core ARM-based processor, and two gigabytes of DDR3L memory making the computer very fast. Because files are stored in the one-hundred gigabytes of cloud storage provided with the purchase of any Chromebook, as opposed to being stored on the computer, there is nothing to slow it down. Files do not corrupt, the hard disk does not fill up, nor does the hard disk fragment. The light operating system is stored on the sixteen gigabytes of flash memory of the Chromebook's solid-state drive, maximizing its speed and battery life. The Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor is dual-core, and its design is based on the industry-leading ARM technology used in many new tablets and smartphones. The chip consists of a Mali-T604 GPU and two Cortex-A15 cores running at 1.7GHz, providing both impressive graphics capabilities and high speed processing. The computer also has twice the RAM as most of its competitors. The computer is very quiet; for, the hardware is solid-state, thus, there is no need for a fan. The computer is very fast, reliable, quiet, and high-performing.

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is an amazing laptop that is fully functional, cost-efficient, and high-performing. The laptop is great for anyone looking for a device to meet their basic needs. While the Chromebook will not yet meet the needs of highly specialized professionals, it will be adequate for the vast majority of people. It works especially well as a secondary computer, leaving the resource intensive and operating system specific processes to the primary computer. I often use my Chromebook to remotely control my home desktop, which I can do from anywhere in the world, to perform the few functions that the Chromebook cannot. I highly recommend the computer to anyone looking for an inexpensive fully functional device or a secondary computer.


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      3 years ago

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Definitely, Chromebooks won't replace laptops, but, this Samsung Chromebook WiFi, has many features that would cost too much in most of the laptops or desktops.

      This subject is so targeted because this chromebook is "a look to the future". It "forces you" to use the Cloud, and I belive this a trend.

      In my research I even found how you can recover the amount of money you have to pay for it. Check it out:

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      When discussing Chromebooks it's important to keep in mind that they are not meant to replace laptops. They are not meant to be for every type of user. Like with many things in technology (as in life), not everything is meant for everyone.

      Chromebooks are meant for users that spend most of their time in a browser and want a device that's easy to use and starts up fast. Sounds to me like that profile fits quite a few people.

      That being said, not everyone is willing or able to give up on their Windows applications. But there are solutions to overcome that obstacle. For example, Ericom AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to securely connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

      AccessNow does not require any client to be installed on the Chromebook, as you only need the HTML5-compatible browser.

      Check out this link for more info:

      Please note that I work for Ericom


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