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Samsung Galaxy Ace Update to Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Updated on August 26, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Ace ICS Update
Samsung Galaxy Ace ICS Update | Source

Samsung Galaxy Ace Firmware Update

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Ace, a superb mid-range Android phone from the giant mobile manufacturer, then you may know that Samsung is not willing to update Galaxy Ace with ICS. According to Samsung the hardware of Galaxy Ace is not capable of running Ice Cream Sandwich. So, will you be contented with a backdated gingerbread?

No, here is a solution for you. You can update your Galaxy Ace to Android ICS if you want. Here is a way, off course unofficial for you. Here! Here! Do not be afraid of installing custom ROMs. These things are not necessarily bad.


1) If you do not have any knowledge about android phones you shall have to seek an expert.

2) Because of many variables a mobile updated with this phone may not properly. In that case revert back to your old OS.

3) Charge your phone to at least 70% before proceeding.


This is an update by a custom ROM and so all functions of the phone may not work properly. This ROM is stable but sometimes problems may occur with the default browser. But with 3rd party browser apps there is not any problem.

You shall proceed to this update process by your own risk. We shall have no responsibility of any damage.


1) Backup any data you think valuable. Copy them to the phone’s SD card from phone memory. You may also use any backup apps or cloud services. There are free apps available for backing up the messages from your phone. You may store contacts on your Gmail account.

2) You need have to enable USB debugging from settings menu.

3) Last but not the least, you need the Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile rooted and CWM recovery installed.

The Methods of Upgrading Samsung Galaxy Ace

1) Download the custom ROM zip file from here on your PC. Wait for the download to be completed.

2) Now connect your Galaxy Ace with the PC via USB.

3) Copy the zip file to the root of the internal SD card of the mobile.

4) Disconnect your mobile phone now and switch it off.

Why I Need ICS?

ICS is the biggest leap for Android ever. Ice Cream Sandwich means the smooth interface, the polish and the user friendliness.

Upgrade Galaxy Ace : Next Steps

1) Restart you mobile and while booting press the Menu + Power buttons together. You shall be logged into the recovery mode. But if you failed this time try it again after restarting.

2) In the recovery mode select “wipe data/factory reset”.

3) Inside the recovery screen you shall have to find and tap “install zip from sdcard”. After that, you have to tap “choose zip from sdcard”. Now select the zip file and confirm the installation.

4) You may relax for some time because the installation process will take some time.

5) When the update will be completed successfully you need have to select “++Go Back++”.

6) Now select “Reboot System Now”. This rebooting will take much longer time than normal.

7) When it will be rebooted you shall have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 4.0 mobile.

Now, it is the time for installing all the backups and apps. Hope, this Samsung Galaxy Ace update to ICs will help you much. Feel free to share with friends via facebook, twitter or stumbleupon.


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    • profile image

      Deep 4 years ago

      i m install this ics version ......all files are complete but then i reboot my system when it does not starting.......only samsung galaxy ace s5830i see there....not procces me

    • profile image 4 years ago

      i m install this ics version ......all files are complete but then i reboot my system when it does not starting.......only samsung galaxy ace s5830i see there....not procces me

    • profile image

      Infinity 5 years ago

      Does this work on the Samsung Galaxy Ace2?

    • profile image

      robert 5 years ago

      is the camera works?

    • Lightshare profile image

      Lightshare 5 years ago

      Thanks for updates Pinappu -)