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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 to ICS aka Android 4.0.3 aka Ice Cream Sandwich

Updated on July 15, 2013

Update Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a very popular phone. It is one of the most popular phones which have pushed Samsung to the number one position in the mobile phone manufacturer's world . Since its arrival in the market, questions were hurled towards Samsung about when SGS2 is going to get the ICS update. Now, after long waiting the worldwide users are getting ICS update to Samsung Galaxy S2.

Important things to note: Samsung Galaxy S II has various models like AT&T Galaxy S2 model number SGH- i777, AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (LTE) model number SGH i727, AT&T Captivate Glide (SGH-I927), Sprint Epic 4G Touch model no: SPH -D710, T Mobile Hercules model: SGH-T989, Bell Canada model : GT i9100M, Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE etc.


1) Backup all your important data and apps before updating your Galaxy S2. If you do not have backups then you may loss those great photos which you shoot last summer.

2) Check out the battery power. If your phone has low battery charge during the update you may damage your phone turning it dead. If you are not mad enough then charge it to at least 90% before starting the update process.

Update Samsung Galaxy S with Ice Cream Sandwich
Update Samsung Galaxy S with Ice Cream Sandwich

How to Update?

Just follow these steps:-

1) Turn on wi-fi for high speed internet connection.

2) Touch the Applications button on your Galaxy S2’s home screen.

3) Go to setting menu.

4) Now find out the “About Phone” tab.

5) Here you can find the software update button. Touch it to enter.

6) Press “Check for Updates”.

7) Now press “OK”.

8) Now your updating process should start. Leave the device and go make one or two cups of coffee and drink with leisure. You have to wait 30 to 50 minutes for the update to be completed, depending upon your internet connection speed.

9) After the finishing the update swipe your screen and enter the PIN code to enter.

10) Now a message will pop up saying the update was successful.

11) Now you will be told to choose your carrier. Choose it and you are done.

12) That is all, now you have ICS on Samsung Galaxy SII.

Why ICS?

You may ask this question, “Why shall I go for ICS?”

So, what is that exciting about ICS? What new shall you get to by Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update?

1) ICS is cute. The best looking android ever.

2) The user interface of your Galaxy S2 will be improved much after ICS update. You shall get magazine style interface with great sweep navigation.

3) The UI has reduced the number of buttons.

4) The notification system is better.

ICS Update for Samsung Galaxy S 2 | Video

Poll: Vote Please!

Do you think ICS is much better than gingerbread ?

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5) Task switching is a great feature of ICS.

6) You shall get Face Unlock facility after ICS update to SGS2

7) ICS has also native screenshot support.

8) Visual voicemail is also a superb addition.

9) You shall feel something new while toying with Android ICS. It is less mechanical and built to be more human.

10) Your phone will run smoother with better application management.


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    • profile image

      Alcídio José 

      8 years ago

      Hi every body.

      I´m facing some issues to update my SGS2 model GT-I910o to ICS using the steps you decribed. Every time i search for updates in the device, it says, that the latest firmware version is already installed. But i don´t think so, because it´s only the android version 2.3.6 . Kernel, compilation Gingerbread. I live in Angola (near by South Africa). Am i doing something wrong? Please help me. I want to have the ICS so bad....

    • pinappu profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from India

      Thank you for mentioning @blade

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      "11) Now you will be told to choose your career." CAREER LOL

      xD, that made my day lolz


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