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Samsung Galaxy S4 Factory Unlocked Phone

Updated on July 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version

Get your Samsung Galaxy S4 Factory Unlocked

You are probably looking for the best places to get your Samsung galaxy S4 new smartphone and we have made a collection of the best places on amazon and ebay where you can get the new Unlocked device for the best deals and the best prices.

If you are looking to know where you can order the Samsung Galaxy S4 online you should check the links on this page to find the best Amazon and eBay stores to order GS4.

The new galaxy S4 cases on this page are factory unlocked and they are sold for the best prices on amazon. Find the best Galaxy S4 unlocked device. They come in black or while colors. These are the perfect smartphone devices.

I got Galaxy S3, Should I get S4?

If you are one who likes to keep up with all the new technology and trends, and you can afford this lifestyle than sure. The galaxy S4 in a very exciting new smartphone and it will surely bring you joy and satisfaction.

However, for the average Galaxy S3 user, the S4 will not feel that much different and might not be worth the money.

Before buying the galaxy S4 you should consider your priorities and decide whether you really need this device, or does it worth the price for you.

White or Black Samsung Galaxy S4

You want to buy a galaxy S4 device but you can't choose between the two colors? here are some point that might help you device which one you should get. A black Samsung Galaxy S4 or a white one.

Many people prefer black devices because they think it looks better and they doesn't dirt as easily. Also many people agree that the black one hides the sensors on the top of the phone much better than the white.

Other people feel that on the white smartphone you can see the prints on the back much better than on the black device and that the white color is just beautiful for the galaxy S4

Many girls tend to find white phones to be more girly so that might be the reason why you can find many girls go for the white one.

Overall, both options are great and you can't go wrong with any of them because it just a great device.

Galaxy S4 is the fastest-selling smartphone in history

The pace of sales of the new Galaxy is significantly higher than that of its predecessor, Galaxy S3. it was required only six weeks to reach 10 million units! note that that the Galaxy S4 was launched a much larger number of countries than its predecessor (60 vs. 28), but can not rule out the effect of the huge expectation among consumers and device media interest caused enormous phone before, during and after exposure.

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version

What is good about Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a new Android 4.2.2 version, is has a wonderful quality camera, a super powerful quad-core processor that will work fast. The device has software solutions that will make it work fast and secure. It feels really comfortable when you are holding it in your hands.

The device is everything that we hoped it to be and it is the best smartphone up to date. If you are looking for a new great Unlocked Galaxy S4 check this link for the best price.


How essential are the new features of the Galaxy S4?

Most of the GS4's features aren't that essential or useful, like the camera's Eraser mode but having them is great and you are surely one step ahead of other people when you have this smartphone. If you like new and exciting devices and you don't mind paying a littlt bit extra you are going to be really happy with the new Galaxy S4.

Factory Unlocked Full Hd Samsung Galaxy S4

About Samsung Galaxy S4

This great device makes a use of the Android mobile operating system. it has a graphical user interface that helps the users with an easy use. The Device has a couple of advanced new technologies:
1. S Voice: This feature is similar to the device Samsung Galaxy S 3, the handset comes with the virtual assistant S Voice which allows your voice control the instrument and perform various commands like diaingl a contact, updating Facebook status, Tweet, navigation or even checking weather.

2. Tracking - Eye: Using cool tracking technology, Advanced Eye front of his camera-equipped device, you can now run a variety of functions with eye movement only. You can pause a video with shifting gaze from the screen (this is called Smart Pause), scroll a page when reading the eye reaches to the edge of the screen or by hand movement on screen, without touching it (The Smart Scroll).

3. Anther cool feature is the front camera that allows you to preview the image, film or any document using your finger hover over a point on the screen, without ever touching the screen.

I think that the new features are really interesting and some of them may save you time any make the use of the device more fun.

Why should I get Unlocked Galaxy S4 on amazon?

Many people prefer shopping on amazon for different reasons. Amazon is a well trusted online shop that have everything. Many people get Amazon gift Cards as presents and then looking for stuff on amazon that they can spend it on.

A brand new Factory Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 is a wonderful thing to buy on amazon.

What are the best cases for galaxy S4?

There are a lot of new great accessories and covers for that galaxy S4 to choose from and you will find it amazing how much benefit you can gain from using a good quality case. If you are buying a new GS4 you will not be disappointed by the selection of cases and accessories for your device.

You can look on the links below and find the best selection of accessories for you galaxy S4.


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