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Samsung Galaxy S4 Internal Storage Issues

Updated on May 11, 2013

There has been positive energy and a lot of expectation around the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many android users clamored to own the new gadget in the esteemed line of android smartphones from Samsung. The anticipation has been for the last one year. Now that the wait is over, people around the world have finally received their brand new gadgets.

The problems of supply which have been common have not dampened spirits and android users have no problem waiting for their new gadgets. But there has been the persistent issue of storage which is not going down well with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 internal storage issues have been reported by users. This is an issue Samsung hopes to sweep under the carpet but as time passes; the more the problem gets amplified. The base model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has its specs tagged at 16GB internal memory. But this has been far from the truth since android users have been left with a mere 8.5GB of usable or free storage.

The debate on the Samsung Galaxy S4 internal storage issues is seemingly not relenting. The main problem has to do with the numerous pre-installed apps, the graphics and the software. The phone maker has been accused to forcing down the throats of many people the not so popular apps. It is these apps and software which people have a problem with since they cannot be uninstalled. The results are that adding any other apps will mean that the already constrained internal memory resources are used up.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 internal storage issues are now being compared across other phone makers. The problem has been made bigger than it was with the Samsung Galaxy S3. More of the internal storage has been used up as compared to the case with the S3. Other phone makers have utilized space economically with worthy mentions going to the iPhone and the HTC.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 now carries the record for the amount internal memory used up by the pre-installed software and apps. The S4 users are therefore stuck with the compromised space since they have no other way to free up space.

The provided solution to the Samsung Galaxy S4 internal storage issues is that the Micro SD can be upgraded to a maximum 64GB. The major problem with expanding storage with the memory card is that installed apps cannot be added to the external memory. This can only be possible if the android phone is rooted. This becomes a risk since the warranty to the phone is voided.

A word of caution goes to the people who intend to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is your responsibility to know what you need and what is available and which model of the S4 to buy. Check out the specifications and buy the 32GB model if bigger capacity is required on the smartphone.


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