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Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case with Stay Out-of-the-Way Stand

Updated on April 8, 2014

Galaxy Tab is well protected by Glove Case

The Galaxy Tab Tablet was one of the first Android Tablets to hit the market after the iPad debuted. It is different in some very obvious ways. The OS (operating System) is Android instead of Apple’s iOS and it measures 7 inches instead of almost 10 inches. Even with the obvious differences in hardware the users are very similar. They are people that enjoy technology that is cutting edge. They like having online access to entertainment and productivity software on the go. They like to share experiences with their friends in real time.

A piece of technology such as an electronic Tablet is durable and is built for a mobile lifestyle but protection against bumps and scratches are important. Built to be modern and sleek they can even be hard to hold onto at times. Typical bulky cases of the past are less desirable now that they too have evolved into sleeker and more useable versions of themselves. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case is one that should work well for anyone that wants a high quality Tablet case that is full of options.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case by Case-Mate

The Best Features of the Galaxy Tab Glove Case

It is constructed of quality genuine leather

It protects the Galaxy Tab without adding bulk

Touchscreen and all functions are easily accessible

It has a built-in stand

It has a wide elastic strap to make it easy to hold onto

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case protects the Galaxy Tab Tablet with quality genuine leather. It is designed for a snug fit that is obviously custom made. The picture frame style is common in other cases – but this one is not covered by a front flap. It puts the Galaxy Tab’s Touchscreen front and center for easy access. The Glove Case’s frame provides protection for the Touchscreen in the event that the Galaxy Tab Tablet is placed (or if the worst happens and it is dropped) on a surface Touchscreen down. If a drop occurred there would be minimal protection in any case – especially if there were a projectile type object in the way – but some protection is always better than none - Right?

The leather frame that surrounds the Galaxy Tab has cutouts that allow access to all ports, buttons. A cutout on the upper front side of the leather frame accommodates the front-facing camera.

The rest of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case story is told on the back side. I will start with the cutout for the back-facing camera. It is plenty large enough that there will be no interference. Below the camera cutout you will find an easel style stand that folds out for hands-free viewing. It is not adjustable but the Galaxy Tab Tablet will not fall backwards. The stand opens wide enough to be secure but is limited from opening too wide. When not in use the stand hugs the back of the case.

Most other tablet cases would end the story there. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Glove Case has one more surprise. An elastic strap fits snuggly down the center straddling between the sides of the built-in stand. This strap is perfect to slip your hand into – making it so easy to hold the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet with one hand and manipulate it with the other.

I am like many of you out there that like to keep things simple. I prefer no cases at all – but I realize that I need to protect my investments. As long as the protective case looks good and is functional without being bulky and in the way – I will be happy to use it. I would be happier of course with some pretty colors – just saying.


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