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Samsung Galaxy Tab Reviews

Updated on March 12, 2011

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first attempts to outdo the Apple iPad. It is a compact Android-based tablet PC that offers many features that the iPad simply cannot. One of the most obvious added features of the Samsung Tab is the ability to display Flash applications. Apple stated with the first release of the iPad that, due to an ongoing dispute with Adobe, Flash would not be installed on any of the iPad releases. 

Comparable to many of Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones offered through U.S. Cellular and a handful of other carriers, the Tab combines an attractive, easy-to-use interface with the speed of a 1GB Hummingbird processor. This interface is displayed on a comfortable 7 inch TFT LCD screen, but it has been rumored that additional versions of the Galaxy Tab, to be released later in 2011, will offer an even larger screen. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Like the Samsung Galaxy S cell phones, the Tab also runs Android 2.2 with Flash 10.1 support. The Galaxy Tab screen resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels, and the device is equipped with a fully-functional touch screen. At the bottom of the Galaxy Tab, there is a row of buttons just like the Galaxy S line of phones that includes Menu, Home, Search and Back. On the back of the Galaxy Tab, there is a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera. An additional 3.2 mp camera is also located on the front of the device for video chat or phone calls where video is enabled. Unlike the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab can have up to 64GB of expandable memory using an SD card.  In addition, the device has 512MB of RAM on board. 

Another plus for the Galaxy Tab is that it will run off of a 3G network. Wi-Fi functionality is also available. Currently, the iPad will only work using Wi-Fi. The first edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab also has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and EV-DO. It offers 1080p playback via DivX and XviD, which allows for optimal video playback and viewing. Unlike the Galaxy S line of cell phones, the Tab can store up to nine home screens. YouTube and other video players can be used in real time because of the Flash content. Regardless of the Android 2.2 there is no big lag in real-time videos, and with Tab you can have up to six web pages up at once.

The Galaxy Tab was first unveiled in Europe, and then introduced to the United States. In the U.S., the Tab s available through Verizon.


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  • Alhamora profile image

    Alhamora 7 years ago from North

    Seems like Samsung galaxy tab is going to give a hard time to iPad. Great hub.