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Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept Update to Froyo- Android 2.2

Updated on April 8, 2011

The Time Has Come!

Its official!

Today I received a text message notification that an update would soon be available for my Samsung Intercept. It had an information link that went in to more detail about the upgrade [see image below]. 

What to expect!

  • The update process will take between 5-15 minutes to complete. 
  • Your phone should be either fully charged before beginning or connected to AC power [recommended].
  • While your phone is updating - Do not under any circumstances remove the battery or you may do permanent damage to your phone or render it completely inoperable. Just start the update and walk away - Its better if you do not touch anything. 
  • Anything stored on your microSD card will be unaffected, but things stored on the phone like memos, speed dial numbers, folder shortcuts, and playlists will be deleted on the update. You will want to make a backup of anything you can.
  • Once completed, the update to Froyo 2.2 should make the Samsung Intercept much faster, better able to handle wireless and Bluetooth connections [Thank God!],  and you will have the ability to move parts of compatible applications to the microSD card to free up internal phone memory space. Yah! More room for more apps!

Let me know how it goes for you!

Virgin Mobile Song and Dance Tracking Continues

I think that we would be dreaming if Virgin Mobile customers like me thought that Virgin Mobile would release Froyo, Android 2.2, to the Samsung Intercept "on time". What started as "in Spring" moved to around "March 23rd" and then to the "first week in April" and now, "late April" is the expected launch time. 

I have my fingers crossed that once the update finally launches, it will go off without many hitches. Since Sprint has already released this update and worked out LOTS of kinks, Virgin Mobile might have a few less stability hurdles to conquer. We shall see. 

If you want to stay current without visiting this site on a regular basis (although, I would be more than happy for you to do so), you can follow @virginmobileus or @VMUcare at Twitter. Virgin Mobile seems to release most of their updates at Twitter and not at Facebook. 

Let me know of any new rumors or legit proof you come across and I'll post it here. 

Keep the faith people!

We've Been Waiting!

Its official folks, the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept will update to the latest and greatest Android OS, Froyo 2.2.

Yes, soon you too will be able to install apps to your microSD instead of the phone's internal memory.

Yes, soon you will be able to watch FLASH without having to download the Skyfire browser that sorta kinda works on some sites for flash video.

Oooooh, and all those apps that make you feel like you are being left in the dust like the newer versions of Gmail.

Yes, you will have those too!

So "sometime this spring" may seem far away, but it is great to have a definite answer on whether or not there will be an update.

Sprint has already started rolling out updates to their customers and have started shipping new Samsung Intercepts with Froyo already installed.

It seems there have been a few issues with phones not workng well after the update, but good news Virgin Mobile customers, you will probably be the last to get this update and as a result you will have the TESTED version worked out with all the Sprint guinea pigs.

Twitter Proof!

Brief Glimpse of the Future of Your Samsung Intercept

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    • profile image

      reese 6 years ago

      makes ur fone a wireless router @ priscilla

    • profile image

      Priscilla 6 years ago

      I am thinking bout getting the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept and i heard it can be used as a wifi hotspot. I think i know what that means but you clarify this for me. What exactly is a wifi hotspot and can this phone be used for it?

    • profile image

      Carl 7 years ago

      Kick'n! Can't wait!