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Smartphones Advantages and disadvantages

Updated on October 24, 2012

Smartphones Advantages and disadvantages

Smartphone now a days considers as equivalent of a diary, phone directory, laptop and games console rolled into one handy device. We spend so much time in our everyday lives on these phones, organising our lives and having fun, and we take for granted how easy they are to use and how they have come to be the norm. As technology advances even further, the likelihood is that these phones are going to get even more incredible, and as the market becomes more competitive, the consumer wins!
A major issue with smartphones being as great as they are is that they are often misplaced, stolen or damaged as a result of carelessness or theft. When this happens, it costs a great deal of money to replace them. A recent survey suggested that 63% of people don’t have mobile phone insurance, and when you consider that the cost of smartphone loss is estimated at $30 billion in 2012, it may make you want to keep a closer eye on your phone from now on! Hoping so it works!!!!
Some of the major facts of smart phones lost stolen & damages are as follow!!!

31% Smart phone users have dropped their phone down the toilet!!!
7% Smart phone users have dropped their phones in the sink!!!

21% Smart phone users have split a drink over their phones
4 phones come to watery end at niagra fall every day!!!

24% of the victims of smartphones theft were aged between 10-17.
20% of mobile phones are stolen at nightclubs!!

57% of those who have had their phones stolen reported that it was taken by an “Opportunist” or “Chancer”…
Dark side
63% people don’t have their mobile insurance.
6hrs is the time taken to report the phone theft
16 is the average age of mobile stolers…
Top three places to lost your phone
Coffee shop/ café
Estimated worldwide cost of smart phones lost are 30$ Billion.
People of Manchester have the highest likelihood of losing their phones!!!!!!!!

Samsung galaxy siii or iPhone 5

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