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49 Search Engine Optimization Keywords Related to "Google AdSense" to Earn Money for All Content Publishers!

Updated on January 27, 2012

Most new web content publishers who are really interested to earn money, always trying to create his / her some contents based on his / her revenue income from the web. The main source of generating such revenue from their web contents, is Google AdSense. With no doubt, Google AdSense is always best for anyone to generate much revenue. From yesterday's morning, I am thinking myself to create a nice content based on revenue generation of Google AdSense. After doing a research for search engine optimization keywords of the content Google AdSense, I found only a small number of keywords are existed which are pretty good to create a good content and generate revenue from the published contents. Later, I create that content and publish that to one of my website. I discovered a 49 keywords for creating that content. Do you like to know that keywords? OK. No problem! I will share all of my keywords except one keyword in this page.

Why content publishers are always like to use search engine optimized keywords?

All content publishers are always use lots of search engine optimized keywords to their published contents. Publishers are always fond of using great keywords, for the following reasons:

  • Original unique is great but without some quality optimized keywords its not fully granted to search engines. Using keywords makes the content always unique always from others. And so, publishers always use keywords to publish unique contents with nice keywords.
  • Major search engine always like keywords with contents. Search engines always give higher page rank to those contents which are using the right keywords into original contents,
  • When the contents are optimized by search engines and the page ranks are higher, publishers get huge volume of organic traffic for all those contents. As the traffic of those contents are increased, higher visitors are coming and thus the page generating revenue from Google AdSense or Amazon commission or something like these.

Among all the above reasons, all content publishers are always interested to use search engine optimized keywords into their contents.

49 related keywords of "Google AdSense" keywords to create excellent contents for all content publishers

By researching several keywords, I build a short listed keyword lists where I choose a total 50 optimized keywords to build a content related to Google AdSesne. Among all of the 50 keywords, I will tell you 49 keywords to create quality contents related to Google AdSense. All the keywords related to Google AdSense contents, are divided into two parts. My personal recommendation is to pick the search engine optimized keywords form the first lists. Moreover, the second lists are not actually bad. They also nice for high optimized contents.

20 best high paying optimized keywords for content publishers

20 best high paying optimized keywords for content publishers related to Google AdSense are the followings:

  1. what is google adsense
  2. google adsense
  3. what is adsense google
  4. about google adsense
  5. google adsense ads
  6. google adsense alternatives
  7. google adsense tool
  8. google adsense alternative
  9. alternatives to google adsense
  10. alternative to google adsense
  11. google adsense money
  12. google adsense make money
  13. make money google adsense
  14. make money with google adsense
  15. make money from google adsense
  16. how to earn from google adsense
  17. how to earn with google adsense
  18. earn from google adsense
  19. earn money with google adsense
  20. earn money from google adsense

More 29 keywords related to Google AdSense

The above 20 keywords are best keywords for content publishers to create a quality unique contents. Moreover, another 29 keywords are presented below:

  1. google adsense preview tool
  2. earn money google adsense
  3. making money with google adsense
  4. google adsense keywords
  5. google adsense sizes
  6. google adsense youtube
  7. youtube google adsense
  8. free google adsense
  9. google adsense program
  10. google adsense blog
  11. google adsense account
  12. how to use google adsense
  13. blog google adsense
  14. google adsense earning
  15. google adsense code
  16. google adsense websites
  17. google adsense scam
  18. google adsense revenue
  19. google adsense help
  20. google adsense keyword tool
  21. google adsense rates
  22. google adsense support
  23. apply for google adsense
  24. login google adsense
  25. google adsense log in
  26. google adsense login
  27. how does google adsense work
  28. google adsense how does it work
  29. google adsense income

All these keywords are researched based on several statistical analysis, keyword tools, paid optimization subscriptions and dedicated research and calculation. These keywords are really effective to create quality contents and each high page ranking to major search engines. One secret I would like to share, using just three keywords from the above 49 keywords, I created one content related to Google AdSense and published that to one of my website and I found that page is top withing 8 hours to the Google. Hope, you also do the same by choosing some keywords and use those keywords to your published contents. Doesn't' believe me! I will not mind. Just give a try and see does the keywords really working for your contents or not...


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    • Rich W2K profile image

      Rich 4 years ago from Gold Coast

      Very useful hub. I have been so anxious to get my adsense account approved that I have wanted to write a hub or a few hubs about it. These keywords are perfect for me. Thank you

    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 5 years ago

      Thanks b2b-sales-europe for your valuable comment.

    • b2b-sales-europe profile image

      b2b-sales-europe 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Its helpful for people wanting to make money with adsense publishing about making money with adsense!