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Search Engine Optimization Marketing: Backlinks -- What They Are & Why They are Critical to Making Money Online

Updated on January 23, 2010

Wanna Make Money Online? Learn Why Backlinks are Key

One of the most important things you need to succeed in search engine optimization marketing is backlinks. Here, we’ll discuss exactly what they are, and why they are critical to your success as an online marketer – no matter what type of product or service you sell.

What are Backlinks and Why Every Website Needs Them

Backlinks are simply links back to your website from other websites. They are also called inbound links. And, the reason they are so important in search engine optimization marketing is that search engines use them to rank your site.

The more (quality) backlinks your site has, the more popular it is deemed to be by search engines. The more popular a site is judged to be by search engines, the higher it will show up in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinks: The Popular Clique on the Web

There are many criteria in search engine optimization marketing that are used to rank websites. Eg, there’s meta tags, SEO content, site design, etc. But, backlinks are probably the most important thing – they are the “popular clique” on the web.

You want a lot of them because the more you have, the higher your site ranks.

In Search Engine Optimization Marketing, How Backlinks Affect a Website's Traffic

Let’s use an example to explain. Here, I’m going to use my industry (SEO writing) to illustrate. If you are looking for a firm to write SEO content for your website or you’re a freelance writer who wants to learn how to do this type of writing, you’re going to run across me on the web – and it’s not by accident.

Continuing with this example, go to your favorite search engine and type in the keyword prhase "write seo content."

What's among the top results returned? An article written by me entitled, How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps. In fact, as of this writing, it’s the number one result, ie:

How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps - Associated Content ...
Nov 12, 2007 ... Some might be "SEO Content," "SEO Articles," "Write SEO Content," etc.

There are several more articles by me on the first page also.

Another keyword phrase you might type in when you want SEO content written is "seo content provider." There among the top results is New Media Words, in the #2 spot as of this writing. An article by me on is in the #3 spot.

What if you typed in "seo writing?" There again is an article by me, in the #1 spot entitled, What is SEO Article Writing? - SEO Copywriting Explained.

The reason this is pointed out is that it did not happen by accident. I use article marketing – a very effective way to get backlinks – to drive traffic to my various sites. And, every time someone publishes one of these articles or links to them, that's a backlink to my site(s) that pushes them higher in search results.

So, when web surfers are looking for the type of service/product I provide (SEO writing), they will find me -- either via my SEO writing firm,, or my freelance writing website,

Note: Search engine results change all the time as search engines use various algorithms to determine a web page's rank. Hence, these may shift a little depending on where you are geographically and a host of other factors.

The Specific Type of Backlink in Search Engine Optimization Marketing You Want

You want one-way backlinks, not reciprocal links. What’s the difference?

What Are One-Way Backlinks?

One-way backlinks are sites that link back to yours.

What Are Reciprocal Links?

Reciprocal links are where you trade links with another site. You may have gotten emails from other website owners asking you to “trade links” (ie, you link to their site and they’ll link back to yours).

Search engines rank sites with reciprocal links lower than ones with one-way backlinks. Why?

Think about it like this: if a website has a lot of one-way backlinks, that means that a lot of web surfers probably find the info on that site helpful enough that they link to it (ie, share it with others), without any return favor.

A site with a lot of reciprocal links ranks is kind of like entering into a conspiracy, eg, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. As a web surfer, which website would you trust more – the one that everybody links to even though they get nothing out of it, or one that has a lot of reciprocal links?

So, one-way backlinks rule. And, it all starts with quality SEO writing, the cornerstone of every successful search engine optimization marketing campaign.


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