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Search Engine Optimization with Very Competitive Niche

Updated on August 14, 2010

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best techniques to rank your contents to the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But it is easy to win in SEO world. Probably yer or not. The best and right answer is it is not easy. It is quite difficult to win SEO world. Generally people choose a particular niche to write and publish contents. Is it effective to win with any particular niche? If you are creating contents then you can easily understand my logic what I am talking. Actually it is quite difficult to win by writing a popular competitive niche. But there is an easy solution to win SEO world through this competitive niche.

Remember, a competitive niche is always very popular among the people of the world. Competitive niche may be mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc. So, if you think that you can get on top of the classification of some of the most popular keywords in a niche, then you’re probably wrong themselves. Even long tail keywords is difficult to obtain high positions in these niches, not to mention the most popular keywords.

So, what is the solution of this? There is  solution of this type of situation. In stead of selecting a big popular niche you can choose a small sub-niche of that popular niche. It's easier to win with that sub niche in SEO world.

But what to do when you want to struggle with your popular niche? Yes there is an alternate solution which many people always follow. I personally have a good experience of that. Now, today I will tell you about that technique in this page. Just choose a niche that you like to use. Then forget about search engine optimization. Please don't care about search engine optimization. Now, create contents and publish those contents as much as you can. Go this way. But don't be disappointed. You should go in this fashion about two to three weeks and just wait and see what you are achieving. Later you see that your content page easily ranks well to the top of the search engine. Here, basically all the things of SEO is done automatically. You just create unique contents and publish those and just see the best result.

Using this techniques I found one of the great benefit. I apply this technique to one of my niche and I generally promote the Amazon products to that blog. I forwarded using the methods which I mentioned above. After two months I saw the benefit and even today I am really astonished seeing that's effect. That month I earned $219.69 commission form Amazon. I don't use any Google AdSense. Even this month I earned $142.03 form that blog. I really amazed.

In this page, I just share my own personal experience about earning through a popular niche. I really choose a very competitive niche and I was a little bit fear before starting with that niche. But I success. I do not apply any type of search engine optimization of that blog. i just create and publish as much as I can. Later I got benefited tow folds. One is that the site is easily optimized by all the search engines and the other one is that it brings me some money. Hope, you can apply this technique for just some days and find the benefit which is really amazing.


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    • ripples profile image

      ripples 7 years ago from India

      Don't try to cheat search engines. Just do your best and get the best. This one is a valuable advice.

      Nice hub