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Search Engine Vs. Business Directory

Updated on March 30, 2017

With the top internet search mogul, Google, at our every convenience, what stops us from only using Google? In most cases, nothing! However, when it comes to searching for information on local businesses and their reviews, I discovered a while ago that I prefer online business directories and their quick, organized searches, and their specific information.

Meant for Local

When doing a Google Search, all the relevant results will come up on your search column. This means that blog posts, informational articles, or anything that seems relevant to your Google search will show up on your results page. Having to wade through all these results takes time and effort, which you might not have when you’re in a hurry (which, let’s be honest, most of us are in these days!) However, when you use a yellow pages directory, their database only includes businesses--not other web pages, or search results.

A Different Kind of Search

Google’s algorithms, interface, and overall setup are perfect for the generic browser search, but sometimes entering in the right search terms to get your desired results can be tricky. Business directories narrow it down to businesses automatically, then you just have to fill in the other space with the name or type of service you are looking for. This takes all the guesswork out of picking search terms and putting them in the correct order. There is a set space for each search option you fill out.


Keep it Local

In local business directories, you can narrow your results by a specific city or even area code. This allows you to skip results that are too far and thus irrelevant, so you only see results closest to you. Conveniently, you can also see exactly where it is on the map, keeping your results clustered to your area. By narrowing down this search, you don’t have to wade through results for businesses an hour’s drive away, but can learn of new business information for trusted, local businesses in your own community. While Google’s near me function tries to simulate that same idea, the farther down you go on the list, you get increasingly farther, and it can easily get to the point where the results are in another city than you were originally looking in. Local business directories keep it local, and focus on those business options in your neighborhood.

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Search in Categories, or Not

Whether you have an exact business in mind or not, yellow pages directories can bring up the relevant results for you. For example, you can either enter the exact name of a French restaurant to bring up that specific restaurants reviews, driving directions, and phone number, or you can live on the wild side and just enter French Restaurants to see a myriad of options to choose from near you. This option of specific vs. generic allows you to still get relevant information quickly if you need it, but also give options to those aren’t quite sure exactly what business they want to patronize.


One Stop

For any business need, you don’t need to try multiple search engines like Google or Bing, or click through different websites to get information. With online yellow pages, everything is organized right at your fingertips already in your results. At a glance, you can see the name, rating, a link to the restaurant’s website, their phone number, and how to get there. With all this information listed at your convenience, there is no need to navigate around confusing websites, go through multiple web pages, or waste time looking at related--but not relevant--content. Instead, you can stick to one central hub to get all the information you need.

Yellow Pages by Ed Sheeran

Just to make it clear, I LOVE Google, and all the information it provides. As a top-tier search engine, it gives wonderful service, and relevant information. However, when it comes to searching for local businesses, I just prefer a more direct approach. Whether it is for a plumbing emergency, a pet store, a restaurant, or any other business, I prefer the specific and direct approach of online yellow pages to quickly get the business information I need, hassle-free. And just for fun, sometimes I like to be like Ed Sheeran and look up love in the Yellow Pages.. OK maybe not, that sounds a little too risky.


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