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Secure Web browsing.

Updated on April 24, 2013

Almost all of us are related to internet browsing in one way or another. Internet is our friend, our guide(When used wisely) and our teacher. We use internet for various purposes.Its important for us all to learn some secure ways of browsing internet.

Secure Web browsing.

Every web browsers saves your current activities. Some of the general activities like Web history are automatically saved. But when it comes about more sensitive and personal data like Passwords, the web browsers always asks you the permission whether to save it or not.Saving passwords to your browsers can be helpful for quick browsing. But sometime it can be insecure.

Why should you let your browser save your activities/ passwords?

Saving your activities in web browser can be helpful for us in various ways, Like if we let our web browser save the history, We can have the track of the web pages we visited.Saving passwords in your browser can be easy for you to browse your personal accounts( like facebook, yahoo.etc..) quick. When Your browser saves your passwords You don't have to type your username and password every time you try to log in to your personal accounts.

But is it always safe for you to let your browser save your passwords?

Well it depends. If you are sure that your computer is accessible to you and only you, it is better idea to let your browser save your passwords, But if you use a common computer with your friends and family then you should think twice before you let your browser save your passwords. But even if you let your browser save your personal information, its not a big deal. You can later view and clear all the information from your web browser.

How to view the stored passwords in web browser.

It is very simple to view the passwords stored in web browser, Here is a tutorial for viewing the stored information in mozilla firefox and Google Chrome.

Mozilla firefox.

  1. Start your mozilla firefox.
  2. Click on Tools(alt+t).
  3. NOte: If you can't see the tools or menu bar, right click on the top of the browser and click on menu bar.
  4. click on Options (alt+t and alt+o)
  5. click on security>>saved passwords>>Show passwords.

For Google chrome.

  1. Enter setting(Type chrome://setting)
  2. scroll down and click on advance setting.
  3. Scroll down untill you see Passwords and forms.
  4. Click on manage saved passwords.

Now all the accounts with passwords stored by the browser are displayed.

Note:: You can use the master password to make your account safe. After Using master passwords, only you can view those private information stored in web browser.

Note:: Viewing the passwords stored in web browser or using the saved cookies from the browser is one of the way of hacking the personal accounts, So make sure you clean them/ use master passwords if necessary.

Use of private browsing.

By activating private browsing your browser lets you browse the web without storing any of your personal data or web history, It is recommend you use private browsing for your secure tasks.

Here is how you start private browsing in Mozilla firefox.

Tools>> Start private browsing.

Here is how you start private browsing in Google chrome.

setting>> start incognito window. (cntrl + shift + n)

How to delete all the Web history.

Delete web history in Google Chrome:

Menu>tools>clear browsing data.
or simply type this in your address bar (chrome://settings/clearBrowserData) or (cntrl+shift+del)

Delete web history in Mozilla firefox:

Tools(alt+t)>> clear recent history.

Try different themes in Google chrome.

Tired of using the same default Chrome's theme. Well then its time for you to find different themes for your Google Chrome. Here is how you do it.

This is how my Chrome looks like. :)

This is how my Chrome looks like. :)

How to change the Google chrome's theme?

Its very easy to change the chrome's theme. Just follow these instructions below and anyone can change it easily.

Click the above link. It will direct you to the Google's official store. You can browser various themes from many categories available in the store. You can choose the best one for you and simply click on apply theme. That's it. :) :) Enjoy :))


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