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Secure Your Plasma TVs with Cheetah Mounts

Updated on July 12, 2009

Pretty Good for the Cost

Cheetah Mounts offers an APTMMB Tilt Wall Mount with a 0 -15 degrees tilt. This particular mount has a 1.9 inch slim profile. It’s strong enough to hold plasma TVs with a weight not exceeding 160 lbs. Not only does it mount plasma TVs, but it’s design also allows it to be universal and hold any LCD TV or Display with a size anywhere from 32 inches up to 55 inches.

In Love with Crooked Lines

If you hate crooked lines when hanging stuff on the wall, raise your hands high! No worries because as an incentive, you will receive a free 6″ Magnetic Bubble Level–outside of the built-in one–with your Cheetah mount purchase. Now you’ll be, more than, capable of finishing without a crooked presentation of your plasma TVs. Go ahead and use the level for hanging up other wall decor, too.

Word to the Wise

Also, know that you can very easily install the mount improperly. If you are not familiar with 2×4s or 4×4s in the wall, then you might want to rethink about installing the mount yourself. In the event you do not feel comfortable installing your mount–don’t. Rather, ask someone with the know how. Even though, my family and I are so about DIY (do-it-yourself), we chose to seek the assistance of a friend who was a professional construction worker, largely, because the landlord was worried about us messing up his walls.

So, keep in mind, too, every wall is different; some are not as strong as others. Ensure you locate the supports within the wall you choose to mount your plasma on. These 2×4s or 4×4s will help greatly from ripping the heck out of your wall. If your supports are still going strong, then, after everything is said and done, you should feel confident in knowing your plasma is safe and secure.


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