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Secure your business with a VPN

Updated on September 17, 2014

Since their inception, Virtual Private networks (VPN) have gained increasing popularity with businesses with their burgeoning need for a safe and secure system of communication that will not burn a hole in their pocket or compromise their company’s confidential data. The growing indispensability of VPN in the USA is explained by a quick look at some of its great benefits.

Dial-up vs. VPN

Businesses are becoming more and more global in their approach – with people performing company operations from far-flung parts of a country or city. In such a scenario, a USA VPN allows offices and employees sitting at different corners of the world to access the firm’s central network, without having to dial in directly to the company, as they used to earlier. This is the basis of VPN’s difference from dial-in connections, and the primary reason why they have largely replaced the latter in the past few years.

Low cost connectivity

When employees from far off places (at off shore sites, for example) had to dial in to the company’s network, it was usually at a great monetary cost, making the dial-in system was quite an expensive one to maintain – numerous telephone lines, modems, long spells of connectivity, cost of toll calls – all of these added up to whopping bills.

But by installing a VPN server, all of these factors are eliminated. All one has to do is connect to the internet, and then use his or her ID and password to connect to the VPN sever, which immediately offers you a safe and secure channel with which to connect to other computers in your company’s intra-network for safe and secure exchange of data.

Destroying distances

As more and more people complete part of their work from their homes, the VPN is a hassle-free and low cost internal communication system. Once the employees log in from their homes or a branch office using their local internet connection, they can perform their official duties just as a colleague at the head office would, bridging the great geographical divide.

This also means that you can hire new people for your firm based on their qualifications and abilities, rather than the city they are based in. In a global village, this is truly the way to go.

Most businesses have employees who are constantly traveling from one place to another on work tours, selling products, making visits to different offices, attending conferences and meetings. With VPN, they can easily share emails, letters, files with their colleagues, while on the move, as long as they have connectivity, and their computing device is configured to accommodate the VPN.

Discreet communication

Above and beyond all these factors, what a VPN offers a business and its employees is safety. While all business operations have become increasingly internet-dependent, it is a matter of high priority to protect the information from the dangers lurking in the World Wide Web. Basically, when you install a VPN server, all the information gets routed through one or more mediating computers. Your IP address (which gives away your location) is also withheld, which makes it difficult for hackers to track your online activities. It’s the easiest way to make your online communication anonymous.


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