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Securing Your Facebook Account From Illegal Activity

Updated on July 31, 2012

Making You Facebook Account a Better Place

Facebook Security

Everyday someone gets hacked from their Facebook accounts. The sad part is that most people don’t even realize that they are being hacked. As if someone is watching them without knowing. It’s like a cyber version of a ‘Peeping Tom’. While we can’t stop those that do hack worldwide, we can prevent it from happening to our Facebook accounts. At least for the moment. I want to go through some steps on how to better secure your account.

Everyday when you log on into your Facebook account, your account takes it into record and will tell you when and where you are logged on to. To do that, go log onto your account, then on the right hand side of your screen, you’re going to see a drop arrow. Now click on the drop arrow and you will see as list of options. Go to the one that says ‘Account Settings’ and click on that. Then it will take you to a screen where there are 8 different options.

So each option has a different function and they are the following: General, Security, Subscribers, Apps, Mobile, Payments, Facebook Ads. Now you want to go to the right option, so go to ‘Security’ and click on that. It will then take you to another screen.

Now on this screen you have seven options: Secure Browsing, Login Notifications, Login Approvals, App Passwords, Recognized Devices, Active Sessions and Deactivate You Account. I have written a previous article about the ‘Secure Browsing’ if you would like to take a look at it. But for now, we’re going to go to ‘Active Sessions’. On the right side of each option (with the exception of ‘Deactivate Your Account’), there is an ‘Edit’ option. Click on the blue ‘Edit’ option next to ‘Activate Sessions’ and a drop screen will pop up.

In this section, you will see all your current activities and the whereabouts of your activity. It will show you your current session (Current Session), the time you’ve last accessed it (Last Accessed) and the different devices your account has been accessed on (Session Initiated). That’s for whenever it’s accessed through a mobile phone or anything mobile. It will also give you the exact time and date of when that session took place. This part is very important, so pay attention. To the right side of each activity, it says in blue ‘End Activity’. Now, if you don’t recognize the activity that’s on there, you want to get rid of it by clicking on ‘End Activity’ and that person whoever was getting into your account will have no access to it at all.

You also might want to change your password as well after you do so to better secure your Facebook account. All what you want to know about the ‘Activate Sessions’ is that in it’s ‘Location’ section, it might not be accurate. It will give you the most close city that is near you so use your judgment and remember the time you’ve logged on just in case. This concludes my article on trying to further secure your account to prevent hackers from getting onto your account because who wants anyone to get into your account unwanted? That’s like having an uninvited guest to dinner. Just not cool. Hope this helps out everyone who doesn’t know how to secure their account and be sure to check out my other article about other ways of securing your account as well.


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    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 5 years ago from Boston, MA.

      Excellent !! I had 2 break-ins I didn't know about. Muchos Gracias Mi Amigo!