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Seeing Into The Future

Updated on March 14, 2013

Looking Into the Future

The Future:

In the year two thousand two hundred and sixty three… 2,263

Imagine traveling back in time two hundred and sixtythree years to the year 1750. The United States hadn't even been established yet. Since those times of the Revolutionary War and Colonial Society we have seen the dawning of the rail road, of industry, mass farming capability, the automobile, electricty, telecommunication, film and photography, radio communication, flight, atomic power (nuclear), television, mass transit, space travel and satellite technology, and now computing technology. Society has changed dramatically from those days. If we were to go back in time and take a man from there to the year 2013 he would surly feel lost in this chaotic world of ours.

So to try and imagine into the distant future is to look at how far we have come in less than two hundred years today. We have begun to advance at a rate which is described in the Kardashev Scale. We are approaching the Type 1 civilization where we are capable of harnessing this worlds energy and then the energy of the entire solar system which will allow us to expand beyond our dreams.

Astronomy and Space Exploration

  • Men will have begun to terraform Mars.
  • Men will have subterranean cities on the Moon and Mining stations.
  • Drone scout ships operating with artificial intelligence will begin intelligence missions to alien solar systems.
  • Mankind will capture comets from the debris field we call the Orrt Cloud and sling shot them into collision courses with Venus in order to cool the planet and clear its atmosphere of green house gasses.
  • Man will live on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan in Habitat Stations to gather information on Saturn’s other satellites.
  • Ion propulsion shall revolutionize space exploration.


  • Man will have mastered the production of food from genetically cloned and grown micro-organisms. This protein vegetable mixture will then be processed using synthetic chemical compounds to make familiar looking and tasting foods we all eat now. This will solve the issue of starvation in the world and of the mass killing of higher organisms which will be put on wild reserves. .
  • Money will no longer exist. As in today’s economy a service will be mandatory if you are not disabled, (disabilities will be rare because of advances in health technology). Products will be inventoried and their worth based on their usefulness. It will be a common wealth of all men and women.
  • Mankind will be filled with new kinds of people. Genetically engineered to be the best humans can be. As Genetech grows and cloning improves the medical field will offer to people the chance to weed out the undesirable genes from one’s lineage in order to have a disease free child.
  • Man will no longer live seeking freedom from his daily oppression through distractions like drugs, alcohol, entertainment, and foods… mankind will find enlightenment through new technologies that will allow a person to experience and learn at an accelerated rate and have spiritual experiences unlike any imagined today.
  • The term unalienable human rights will take on a new meaning as no person will starve, be homeless, or without medical care, and all men and women will have an education.
  • Humans will have mastered computer technology and data storage to the point of saving human beings personalities within an artificially created world like the Matrix. So in a sense mankind will have two personalities or two lives, (one that once really lived, and the second that lives in an artificially created world). In this second life one will not have to eat or sleep, he will have no physical need. You can compare this to the environment of the film Vanilla Sky. In a very real sense you could create a sort of artificial Eden for once living human beings.

Energy and Waste Management

  • The new source of energy shall come in the form of fissionable helium 3 from the moon.
  • Kinetic energy created by anchored space stations tethered in the beds of the ocean floor. These shall make energy from the earth’s rotation, the energy will then be harnessed and will allow power to be generated at these space towers and then sent back to earth.
  • Mankind controlling the earth’s power from within will dominate over mother nature and control the weather..
  • Huge furnaces shall be created from the thermal energy being released from under the earth. These will not only destroy our waste but will also act as power generators that turn huge blast turbines near the top of the furnaces.
  • As in Star Wars erred places will create underground aquifers filled with the moisture from the air. Artificial moisture evaporators will collect the night moisture from the barren landscape and turn once dead deserts into lush and beautiful cities.

So in a nutshell, we will live longer, explore further, and develop technologies not yet even imagined. Humanity, the sky is the limit.


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    • Monis Mas profile image

      Aga 5 years ago

      Very cool - you have some imagination! I love it. It would be awesome if there was no money, and we were all healthy and happy!