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Selecting A Computer For Special Needs Child

Updated on March 24, 2012

Touch Screen Computer For Special Needs

My special needs son is 20 years old and does pretty well on the computer. I have been looking for a computer with touch screen, so that we can expand his knowledge and entertainment to another level.

I selected the Dell Inspiron One 2320 Touch Computer. I have had Dell's for a long time, and have been very pleased with them. Once I found out they have touch screen All in One computer, I started researching it. There's a web site that we use, that allows my son to utlize the Dell 2320 Touch with the web site to communicate with me.


For the price of about $749.00, the computer is well worth the cost. There was another lower cost Touch for about $699.00, but with less hard drive and a slower processor. The $50 difference was worth the upgrade. There are 2 more higher priced models also.
1. 23" HD Touch Monitor
2. 4GB Memory
3. 1TB Hard Drive


The set-up was pretty simple. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, there is basically no wires cluttering up the desk. The wireless keyboard and mouse transmitter is about the size of a dime. Just plug it into a usb port, and that's it.

You can't ask for a simplier set-up out of the box.

Look And Feel

The 23" touch screen is a very nice looking piece to the home decor. The steamline design and overall look, is great.

My son is able to utilize the touch screen and it responds on the touch. The resolution is a perfect fit for his fingers. He's able to use the wireliess mouse also, and navigate within his favorite site. Being able to push the keyboard out of the way, and underneath the monitor, provides him with more desk space.


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