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Selecting and Buying a Good Netbook

Updated on February 11, 2011

Netbooks are currently the segment of computing that grows fastest. The main reason is that notebooks offer most of the advantages of notebooks and even desktop computers. On the other hand, netbooks are affordable, and very light so you can take them anywhere.

A netbook is a lighter version of a notebook computer. The main characteristics are the small footprint, but also the great simplicity of operation, including access to the web and to any wireless network.

As the name says, a netbook is specially targeted to access the web. A netbook provides wireless and wired connectors, so one can access the web in the fastest possible way.

Here are some tips to buy a good netbook computer

Tips to buy a good netbook

Check the processor of your netbook: size matters, but there are things that don´t change. A good processor is still important. The processor is the heart of any computer, that is, it provides the power necessary to do whatever tasks you want, such as reading emails, writing word documents, and other tasks.

Make sure that there are enough output ports: Due to its small size, an important thing for netbooks is to have easy ways to connect to other devices. This is necessary to connect to printers, mouse, external displays, and other devices.

A good netbook must have at least two usb output cables. More than this is better, but there may be little space in the computer.

It is also important to have a video ouput port. Since the display in a netbook is so small, it is useful to have an external display. You can use the display of your own desktop computer to connect to your netbook. Or you can even buy a new display for your netbook, such as a 24 inch display, that will make it much easier to see a larger screen.

Battery Life: the next tip is to make sure that you get good battery life. In this respect, there are all types of netbooks. For example, you will find battery life ranging from two hours to up to six hours. 

Since a netbook is used on the go, it is important to have a long battery life that allow a lot of work to be done before recharges. Good batery also influences the price of a netbook, because the longer the batery the more expesive the netbook.


Netbooks are really useful computers. They are cheap, and are able to make most of what you need such as surfing the web and writing documents.

A netbook is a good investment. If you spend time travelling and away from home, you will be able to use the netbook to keep connected to the world. While it gives you all options of a notebook, a netbook is much cheaper.

In fact, a netbook is cheaper than a tablet computer, which makes a good competition to the iPad and related computers.


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