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Sell your old Electronics

Updated on February 12, 2016

Make money with old electronics!

Do you have old electronics laying around the house? Then maybe this is something you could do to put some extra money in your pockets, pay a bill, or save for Christmas gifts for your children.

I ran across a great website, that pays for your used electronics! You just type in what it is, answer a few simple questions about the product, then the site tells you how much they will pay you for the item. My old dell laptop is worth $209! All you have to do is wait for all the shipping stuff, they pay for shipping and even give you the box to ship it in! So with that you can't go wrong!

I've been happy with this company, because they are good with what they do!
If you can get your hands on a bunch of items that would be worth sending in then this might be a great way to make an easy second income.

So head on over to Gazelle! This site is awesome! You'll be happy you find this link, just like I have been for the last 6 months!

If Gazelle isn't a going to garner you enough extra cash, then try selling it on Ebay or Amazon. Or for specific items like video game systems, ipads, and tablets you could go to EB Games or Game Stop and trade them in for money.


There are so many sites that will buy back old electronics. 99% of these places expect the object to be in good condition. They usually resell such items on ebay or other places (yard/garage sales) or in some type of second hand store that might be in their area.

BBTronics buys back a lot of older technology and such. Some of the prices are a little low (you could make more selling on Ebay), but most of the prices are reasonable for how far back the technology is.

How to Sell on eBay

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay can be lucrative.

I've sold mostly used electronics, camera lenses, cameras, and some gently used maternity and baby clothes.

You can sell it by auction, Buy It Now, and Auction with a reserve. When selling with a reserve price, you'll be able to get the top dollar wanted for the item or you don't have to sell it.

For auctions, I normally start the item around 3/4's of the price I want for it, this way I know I'm going to at least get close to what I need to make for the item.

You can also have the buyer pay for shipping, which makes sure you aren't losing out on money.

Yard/Garage Sale/ Flea Market

One of the easier ways (other than Ebay) would be to sell it at a Yard/Garage Sale/Flea Market. The people who go to such things are normally bargain hunters, who are willing to sift through a ton of things just to find one thing that they are really looking for. While it may take you a little time to locate items to sell, price them, and then set them up for sale. This option allows you to bargain to get the most for your money without the hassle of listing it online and paying the listing fee, paypal fees, etc.


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