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Seo Auto Link Related Posts-Best Wordpress Auto Link Related Post Plugin

Updated on September 24, 2015

What Is Seo Auto Link Related Post?

What is Seo Auto Link Related Post? It is a time saving tool that will keep you from having to go from post to post and page to page and do your blogs internal linking one by one. It will add thumbnails and title links to other related post on your blog to the bottom of your blogs pages.

The reason that this is so important is when search engines come to your wordpress blog they will be able to follow those links through your blog much easier.

And it also will help to keep your wordpress blogs visitors on your blogs longer when they see related articles or videos to the main subject that they originally came to your blog searching for.

What Seo Auto Link Related Post Is Not.

Seo Auto Link Related Post, is not an external linking software. Even thought the words auto link are in the title of this wordpress plugin, It is completely for internal linking of your own blogs pages and post, the exact same way that Hub-pages does when you link your hubs together with related keyword driven links. After all blogs are nothing more than a stack of individual post or pages combined into one format.

Blogging And The Elusive Pot Of Gold

Seo is like chasing that elusive pot of gold. it's not as hard as everyone would make you think it just takes a little work and the right tools.

1.)You just need to keep it simple

2.)Do good keyword research

3.)Have a pleasing design, not to burdened with extras

4.)Have good fresh informative content that answers a question.

5.)And lastly do not overburden your wordpress blogs with plugins.

If your blog doesn't load fast you will lose the attention of your visitors and they will move on, You only have a few seconds to capture there attention so use them wisely.

Lets Get Started With Seo Auto Link Related Post Wordpress Plugin.

When you sign in to your wordpress admin go to the plugins section and then go to add new it will open up to your plugins install page,enter into your search seo auto links related posts and as it opens you will see the Seo ALRP plugin right on top and click install now.

Grab Your Free Copy Of Seo Auto Link Related Post.

Once Seo Auto Link Related Post plugin has installed you will need to activate it so just click activate. There your plugin is loaded into your admin on your wordpress blog. Now go to your admin page and look to the bottom after security you will see Seo ALRP click on it and it will open up a list of the sections in the seo alrp plugin. It will open up and all you need to do is grab the free version.

Setting Up Seo Auto Link Related Post Plugin In Wordpress.

Ok lets start setting Seo Auto Link Related Post plugin up, click on Seo ALRP and choose Auto links from the drop-down once it opens you want to check.

1) Check Enable.

2) Auto Links Base On check both Tags and Meta Keywords.

3) Auto Links Per Keyword/Tags set it at 1.

4) Leave the rest as is and go to bottom and click Save.

Linking Your Related Post Together

Now go to the next on the dropdown Related Post and open it up and follow the settings below on Seo Auto Link Related Post plugin.

1) Check Enable

2) Related Post show at most set it to 4 if you have a sidebar and 5 or 6 if you do not have a sidebar on your blog.

3) Check Add Related Post Automatically.

4) On Show Related Post On you can have them show on your post on your pages or on both I use it on may post and use my links on my pages for my affiliate offers.

5) On Related Post Layout choose Thumbnail Title from the dropdown.

6) Leave the rest as is and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Seo Auto Link Related Post Slideouts Setup.

Next on the list is Slideout.

1) Check Enable Slideout Related Post.

2) On Slideout Title you want to name it something that is keyword related to your blog like More:Wordpress Blog Plugins or what ever it is that your wordpress blog is about.

3) On Slideout Related Post Show At Most st it to the same number that you used on related post 4 with a sidebar and 5 or 6 without.

4) And with Show Slideout Related Post On it will be set the same as you did on related post either post or pages or both.

5) And on Slideout Theme Change it to the color you wish that matches nicely with your blogs theme from the dropdown. Done with this one go to the botom and click Save Changes.

General Settings On Seo Auto Link Related Post.

Under General Settings.

1) You want to Check Yes to Tooltips.

2) And cache will be expired after depending on how often you post to your blog if you post all of the time and have alot of traffic to your blog you want the number to be low 3, 5, 7 days and if you post less often you want it to be longer like 30 days.What this does is it will allow your blog to go out and look for new post and rotate the new ones into the linking process.So if you do not post often you will want those links to stay longer on your wordpress blog.

3) Now just go to the bottom of the page and click save and you are done.

Enable And Save In Seo Auto Link Related Post.

If you have any issues go back through and make sure that you enabled all of the sections an saved all of them. The Seo Auto Link Related Post will be a great help to your blogs seo and make it a more enjoyable experience for your visitors helping them navigate quickly and easily through your wordpress blog.


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