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Setting Up A New blog Or Web Site

Updated on January 14, 2013

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for you to create a website where you can publish your content to the Internet. & WordPress comes in two varieties. You have, which is the cloud-hosted which means that it lives on the Internet service, where you can set up your own website for free & you can create it within the WordPress ecosystem. You also have a self-hosted variety of WordPress. This is the same application as what you see on, but it's hosted on your own Web server, that way you have complete control over it. Whether you want to use or if you want to use WordPress as a self-hosted application, depends both on your skill set & also on what you want to do.

Wordpress Cloud Logo

Logo trademark: WordPress
Logo trademark: WordPress | Source

Create An Account

Before start we have to create an account at WordPress.Com, To get started, go to & You'll find a big orange button down here which says Get Started. Click that button, a new page will open. Now fill up the required info and click Create Blog. On the Sign Up page you can setup an account & setup a blog at the same time. An e-mail will be sent to your mail-address to activate your account.

Setting Up A New blog Or Web Site In WordPress.Com

Once you have an account with you can start setting up blogs & websites. You can set up one or several sites all of which can be accessed through this one account. These websites are highly customizable & apart from the web address or URL, you can change all the information on the site later. So you don't really have to fret over getting everything perfect right out of the gate. To create a new blog or website under, you start by going to & logging in. Now what happens if you don't remember your username & password? This happens to me a lot & it can happen to other people too. Well, if you don't remember it, you can simply go to the toolbar here at the top & click the Forgot Password? button. This will take you to a form where you can enter either your Username or even your E-mail address so if you forgot both your password & your username you can still retrieve it. If you fill in the Username or the E-mail address here, WordPress will send you an e-mail with your Username & a link to reset your password. Once you have that, you can come back & log in. So I will go back to & enter our Username or our E-mail address, & the Password & now I can log in. If I'm on my own computer, so on my home computer or my laptop, I tend to check this Remember me box, so that I don't have to keep logging in every time I go to this. However if I'm using a public computer or if I'm using someone else's computer or a computer at a workplace where other people can access it, I would keep this unchecked so that other people can't go in & mess with my account. Finally, I'll click Log In, & I'm now logged in to Now because I'm using Chrome as my browser, Chrome is asking me if I want Chrome to remember my password. I do, so I'll click Save password. This will also happen in Safari & Internet Explorer & Firefox. Once I'm logged in, I have all my options available & in this case, I just want to make a new blog. Now in the process of setting up your account, you could've chosen to create a blog already in which case it would appear here on the list, but since I didn't do that yet, I am now going to create another blog. So I'll click on the Create Another Blog button under My Blogs. & I'm taken to the form where I can create a blog. Here I have to enter a Blog Address & this will become the permanent URL for this blog, so you have to get this one right. WordPress will now check whether or not that URL is available &, this is a fairly new feature, you can also choose to buy a domain if you want to. So in this case WordPress is suggesting that I buy for $17 a year, & if you click on this drop-down, you will see there are other options too. I can just buy for $24 or .com or .net or .org if I want to. In this case I don't want to, I want to keep this domain, so I'll just scroll down & then I'll give the blog a name. Now this is what you can change later. So if you give it a name now & you don't like it, you can always go back & change it to something else. In this case, I want to call it AZGOR, & then I can continue down the list. Under Privacy, I can decide whether I want my blog to be viewable to everyone or viewable to everyone, but block to search engines. If you want to do that--I don't know why you would want to do that, but some people do--or if I want the blog to be private. If I set the blog to private, it means only people I invite can actually see the content & for the rest of the world, it appears as it's not there. In this case, I want to keep it viewable to everyone & I'm going to be blogging in English. If you use this drop-down, you can see, you can blog in pretty much any language you want, but English is good for me. & finally, I need to decide if I want to get the Free option or if I want to do the Upgrade. The Upgrade gives you a bunch of extra features like Domain & Mapping which means that you have something like or another special domain. It gives you 10 gigabytes of extra space to upload your content in addition to the st&ard 3 gigabytes you get with the free account. You get no ads on the site anywhere & you get features like Custom Design which allows you to upload custom style sheets & also VideoPress which allows you to upload videos directly to The Upgrade is $99 a year which is truly 40% cheaper than if you buy each of these featured separately, but it's something you have to decide whether you want to do. In my opinion, if you're going to buy this, you're better off having a self-hosted site because then you have more control, but for some people the upgrade in makes more sense. For now, I'm going to go with the Free version. So I'm just going to click Create Blog under the Free & the blog is created. So now I own & I can click Visit my dashboard or I can go directly to the site. You've now created a new blog or website under If you want to, you can go back & repeat the steps to create another blog or website. Just remember that you can only use a particular blog URL or domain once, so new blogs will always have different addresses. If you've set your Privacy Settings to Public, the blog will now be indexed by & will also be available for those major search engines, which means once you start blogging, people can read what you have to say. & as with nearly everything else in WordPress, you can change your Privacy Settings at any time.

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