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Seven Hacks And Tweaks for Your Computer Sanity

Updated on July 13, 2011

To keep your computer secure and sanity, you have to follow up several things. Some of the the hacks and tweaks may be using a smart antivirus software, using a reliable firewall, aware all types of e-mails and chain e-mails, not to installing unwanted programs, taking regular back ups of your personal files etc. All of these are really helpful for the sanity of your computers. In this page you will find such type of thing. Just keep reading.

Finding a reliable firewall solution:

After choosing a good antivirus software, you will have to select a reliable firewall solution. Many types of firewall exists and choose one of them by reviewing their features and comments about the firewall. But remember that choose those types of firewall which could control not only the incoming Internet traffic but also outgoing Internet traffic.

Find & use a reliable antivirus software:

To select a good antivirus software is really a hard work. There are many antivirus software. Does all of them are good? Does all of them are suitable for your computer? Certainly not. It may seen that there are some antivirus software which tells that they are good antivirus but actually they aren't. So, select those antivirus software that has a consistent track record. There are some testers to test antivirus software like Checkmark,, TuV etc.

Avoid installing unwanted programs:

Always try to avoid to install all the programs which are not necessary needed you. For example, many free screen-saver software has the .exe extension. If you install it, it might be possible to install many unwanted software beside the program. So, it's good to know about the software and then to install.

E-mail & chain e-emails awareness:

Recently, many virus are spreading via e-mails. So, before checking your mail and before opening the email, make sure that the e-mail is form any valid source. It your are unsure about the sender of the e-mail or can't identify the e-mail source, try to avoid the e-mail and delete the email. Always, delete the chain emails & don't reply this type of e-mails. Most often, these types of e-mails are spams and overloads the Internet traffic.

Updating system & applications:

Always try to keep all the system updated. Keep update the antivirus software to protect your computer. Some operating systems and applications can be set to update automatically. It's very helpful for securing your computer.

Stop copying or downloading unknown file:

Never copy all the files which are not included to trust file or source. At the time of downloading any file, make sure that the downloading source is free form viruses, worm etc and reliable.

Taking backups of necessary files:

Always try to make backup of important files on regular basis. If possible, copy them to DVD or CD or any other removable media. Moreover, it's a good idea to keep backup of your necessary files to different locations.

All these tips (hacks and tweaks) are very helpful for your computer sanity.

© Written by rancidTaste.

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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 9 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I prefer to copy to removable media like a pen drve,..the CD is too small and DVD is fragile to bring around so a small 4BG pen drive does the job pretty nice.