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Seven Interesting Things that can be done on Internet

Updated on January 17, 2012

Hello there!! Welcome to my page about interesting things to do online. If you are here then you must be bored by your workplace, school, and college or may be you have got a day off and you can’t figure out what to do. So, you have come to the right place as I will be telling you about many interesting things you can do while you are online.

There are more than 110 million websites on the World Wide Web and there are lots of interesting things that can be done online. You might already know about the social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and twitter and many online gaming websites but these websites can also become boring and you need to find something else that is more interesting to do.

So, here is the list of the seven interesting things to do online.

7. Try new apps on facebook.

I am sure you must be aware of the facebook and its applications. There are thousands of interesting applications on facebook which you can try. Some of them are very addictive and fun to try. Facebook is worth a try. If you were really aware of the apps on facebook then don’t worry this is just the beginning of the list. There are more funny and interesting things on the web.

6. You can watch videos on Youtube or metacafe

There are millions of funny videos on youtube and metacafe that can be watched. You can watch football tricks, funny moments in football or other sports, amazing baby videos and funny fights.

So, you’ve already tried with the videos. Are you still bored? The number 5 of the list is here

5. Create your own blog with or

Do you have an idea about your new blog? Do you want to share your poems or notes with your friends and rest of the world? Do you have pictures, music or interesting videos? Or you have any other idea of an interesting blog, you can create your own blog with the tools like blogger and wordpress.

4. Create a book and sell it

You can create your own book at while sitting online and important thing is that you can sell it and earn some extra bucks. This is a very good idea for those who would like to earn money on the internet.

3. Draw sketches of people you know is an amazing tool and one of the most interesting things to do on internet if you are bored or just to show your creativity. It allows you to draw sketch of a person with very simple tools.

2. Talk to strangers

You can talk to strangers around the world on . This website lets you talk to strangers randomly. It is a good option and one of the most interesting things to do online. You can know people’s secret and have a good time pass or you can share your feelings and never worry that people you know might know about you. It’s also a great place to relieve stress and you can also make good friends from different parts of the world.

These were the six interesting things to do online and now the number 1 of the list remains. The one thing that you would want to do while sitting online is this thing. It will really surprise you. And I guarantee you that it will be the most interesting thing you would do on the internet. So, here it is the most interesting thing on the internet.

1. Chat with god

Yes, you read it correct. You can talk to god while sitting in front of your computer in your home, office or school. Click here to talk to god. Ask him anything. Answer his questions. I am sure you will have fun talking with the god.

If you like the article, please do like it and share it with your friends on facebook and twitter. Also If you think that I missed something in this list then please leave a comment. Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have a great day and I wish you find great stuff to do online.

What did you find the most interesting thing?

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    • profile image

      cornelius 5 years ago

      thanks 4 de enlightement. Keep it up. It is very interesting 4 we internet bigginers.

    • profile image

      Ladfish 5 years ago

      Following suggestion number 5: