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Share Files Across Computers For Free Using Dropbox

Updated on April 24, 2011


Want to share files over the internet and give them to your friends and family or just looking to share your files between computers? Then I have the answer that you have been looking for, in one word:

Dropbox - share your files easily and securely for free! Sign up through this link and you get an extra 250MB storage space.

I was surprised that there is such an easy solution and such a good solution. Dropbox stores all your files and it can be used for any purpose (some listed below). Whether you are looking to share files across multiple computers of your own and even from computer to mobile, with your friends or just want additional storage space, Dropbox is the answer!

I recommend everyone sign ups as you really can not lose with this fantastic service and sign up now through the link above and get an extra 250 MB storage space free!


Why Dropbox?

Dropbox has many amazing uses and every keen computer user should use it, here are just some reasons for using Dropbox:

  1. Backing up important files so they are safer. We all have files that we don't want to be lost and the more places they are, the less chances they will lost. If your hard drive or computer is broken/lost/stolen you will lose these files, back them up!
  2. Dropbox is safe and secure! All files are encrypted and a one month history is kept with all your files.
  3. Dropbox is easy to use and very quick too.
  4. Dropbox allows you to share your files with people you want to and is an excellent solution. You can choose who to share with and they can access your files!
  5. You can use Dropbox on the go to as the excellent Dropbox app for the Apple App Store, Android and Blackberry is out!
  6. Free Storage Space - simple!

Sign up for Dropbox now and get 2.25GB of free storage space - it's a win/win situation!

Do You Use Dropbox?

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    • profile image

      Deirdre R 6 years ago

      I love Dropbox - so handy to be able to access the same files, synced perfectly wherever I access them. Great article.