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Sharing your secrets on Youtube is it worth it?

Updated on June 27, 2012

This is Katie

YouTube is a video making watching and sharing site where you can see funny videos about random people or even cute animals. But now lately a lot of girls have been into this video site to share their most innermost and personal secrets to total strangers. For example a video clip from a YouTube user by the name of kaigerz 444 hold a note card that reads " my name is Kait" then a second one that says "This is my secret's video" third: "I'm in 10Th grade and have amazing friends".

As the video goes on for the next three minutes that is when things start getting intense and mysterious when she shares that her own other committed suicide Kait found out because she was the one that saw how her mother hung herself in the woods that are close to their house. Then she goes on to say "You are probably wondering why I'm smiling and not crying" Kait explains "its because my mom would want me to be happy".

Nowadays girls use youtube not only for entertaintment but also to confront their deepest issues if you want to know more about this you can go to and on the search box of the website just type in "my story" or "my secrets" and once you do you will find out about girls having problems with depression, eating disorders, family issues, and sexual orientation.

A step towards recovery.......

The reason why some girls make these kind of videos is because it helps them face their insecurities and that it really helps the person heal themselves and express their feelings to others.

Now before planning on making your own personal video my own advice to you is that its better if you first read about what other girls have to say about the negatives and the positives that can happen when you post your deep secrets for people around the world to see.

The courage to click "publish video on YouTube"

At first after something really terrible happened to you the usual thing that almost anyone can try to do is to just try to forget about it and sometimes when you are in the process of doing that the memories of what had happened can have a way of somehow getting in your brain. Kait posted a video just weeks after her mother died she felt like if she was inside of a movie she also confessed that talking to her counselor would not work for her so instead the whole purpose of her video is to help others in order to take away part of her pain the part that was inside her.

So it was all in the decision of herself of course a lot of the girls that do this to them it works as a therapy depending on how big the situation was in a given moment. Kait and many of the other individuals that have done videos about themselves have gone thru many life trials and they are the ones that show courage to the world by not hiding their true self with the video it gives them all a chance to feel comfortable in their own skin so that they can have a voice. 

Nothing in life is perfect everything in it is not pink everyone has problems and if problems did not exist then life would be boring to some extent all of us as individuals grow and change with every problem that we may end up having and how we deal with them is our own choice. In my opinion I think that it is worth it that people are actually posting video diaries because that shows that they are finding a solution to their problems and to fix themselves over time sure it takes time but its all about not giving up and that's what i really admire about them for choosing to have a strong character and for realizing that they have a second chance at recovering their life.

This song reminds me of inspiration and recovery


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