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Sharper Image Entertainment Projector Great for Videos and Games

Updated on March 11, 2011

There is a video projector priced reasonable enough for the whole family to enjoy. The Sharper Image Entertainment Projector is small, compact and lightweight. Videos from a camcorder, photos from a digital camera and games from a gaming console can be projected onto a wall or the ceiling of a darkened room.

Why Would You Want an Entertainment Video Projector?

The Entertainment Video Projectors are designed for increasing the portable entertainment value of common devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, gaming consoles and DVD players. Once you learn to use the projector it does not matter whether you are at home or away you will get the same results. There is no need to struggle with trying to match up your devices with those that were not designed to be shared.

No need for another big screen TV for the gaming consoles such as the Wii.

The Sharper Image Entertainment Projector

I purchased the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector. In the past sharing videos and digital pictures with family and friends has been an exercise in futility. For those rare times when a group of us were together I would get frustrated and would give up trying to set up unfamiliar electronics. Missing cables and cables that were proprietary made it impossible for me to share what was on my camera or camcorder.

Now as long as I remember to bring along this projector, my digital camera and camcorder and the required cables for each device all I need is a darkened room. All I have to do is plug the Entertainment Projector into a power source and attach the cables from my digital camera or my camcorder and I am sharing videos and photos in a very short period of time.

Others could share videos and digital pictures as well if they had their proprietary cables. There is no complicated setup required.

What to Expect from the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector

Typically you can expect to pay approximately $150.00 for the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector. That price includes a 50W/12V MR-16 halogen bulb (can accommodate a higher powered halogen bulb), an AV cable, a remote control and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

My camcorder requires its own proprietary cable to attach the two devices. I will assume that it normal for most other devices as well – so let me remind you now – always keep your cables in a safe and memorable location.

It is very lightweight and is easy to carry around and easy to setup. There is a pivoting stand as well as an adjustable carrying handle that also serves as an adjustable stand for the projector. The projector measures approximately 11 inches long by 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches thick.

Easy to see buttons for power, volume, color and contrast are located on the top of the projector and can be used even in the dark. The lens located at the front of the projector is manually adjustable. Stereo sound is built into the device and there is a headphone jack.

Videos, photos and games project at a resolution of 640 x 240 to approximately six feet.



The Sharper Image Entertainment Projector is not the high end of Video Projectors. It is designed for home use and not for the auditorium full of people. This projector will produce adequate results for a group of people in an average size room.

A darker room will give the best results.

Resolution of 640 x 240 will not be as crisp as your television. PowerPoint presentations will be fussy but photos, videos and gaming can be seen just fine.

Remember that the price is several hundred dollars less for the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector than that of a projector designed for a professional setting.

Personally, I am impressed with the ease of use and the results that I have had.



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