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Shoot That Fly

Updated on July 29, 2012

Law Change?

For Health Purposes
For Health Purposes | Source

Gun Laws

At a time when gun laws are on every body’s minds, a new gun has just been invented. This gun though, I think everybody will agree, will need no license.

The new gun was designed for the specific purpose of shooting flies and it works.

The power is provided by air pressure, similar to an air rifle. It is loaded by filling a chamber with salt which is good for approximately 50 shots. Each shot, shoots out about 1/5th of a tablespoon or the equivalent of one pinch.

It is effective for ranges up to 5 feet. At close range the salt will go straight through the fly, killing it instantly but if that is not humane enough for you, then from the longer distances it will only render the fly unconscious, to be disposed of as you see fit.

The American inventor, only known as Lorenzo on the internet, has already sold several on the internet and those that purchased it not only seem happy with their purchase but are very enthusiastic about it.


It would now seem though that Lorenzo has struck a deal with a Chinese Company, who has agreed to manufacture at least one batch.

So could they soon be available on the streets and will a permit be required for them?

Apart from a direct shot into the eye which could cause damage, they are thought harmless to people. A regular shot to anywhere else on the body feels like a small pricking.

An added advantage is that when the gun is used successfully, there is no mess to clear up as there would be if a fly swat or newspaper was used.

Obviously, as the discharge is merely salt, it is safe to use around food.


It is good that in these increasingly troubling times, that somebody has developed a harmless, yet useful purpose for gun technology.

Perhaps more people should be looking to improve our lives with less dangerous rather than more dangerous developments.

I am well aware that if it were not for wars or the “space race” our technology today would not be as advanced as it is but sometimes, I feel that our technologies are advancing faster than our abilities to properly use them.


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    • Quick Renovations profile image

      Quick Renovations 5 years ago from Reno, NV

      I read of this a couple of times someplace else. Where can I get one? I now use an electric killer but my wife objects to the smell of burning flies. she says it makes her hungry. Is this normal?