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Should You Spin Your Content?

Updated on February 14, 2013

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Spinning content is all the rage! And why not? You take an article that you or someone else wrote, push a few buttons and like magic, you have a whole new article. But is the new content something that you would really want to publish to your readers? How good can those spun articles be? That's is something this article addresses.

Saving Time is a Huge Motivation

I love anything that can save me time. I get why people would want to use an article spinner. Heck, I've even written and spun articles myself. But the question that needs answering is how good is the spun content? Even if grammatically everything works out from the spin, is the content readable? How proud are you to publish this transformed piece?

If you answered that you are very proud of anything spun than I don't think the information presented in this article is going to be of much use to you and you'll probably curse at it the entire time reading it. It's okay though. You have the right to feel whatever you want.

Saving Time vs. Quality Content

Again, you may have different feelings than I do about the quality of the work provided by content spinners. Don't get me wrong. Some of them do a very good job at what they were designed to do. But I hope I can convince you that more often than not those spun articles are just rehashes of something that was already written and it usually doesn't read as well as the original.

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So You Still Think Spinning is a Good Idea

If after everything I've described on this article hasn't convinced you that spinning is not the best way to go, there are some tips I can offer to make it a bit more amiable to your readers. Spin whole sentences instead of just individual words or better yet spin entire paragraphs. This way the core message of the article remains intact. Another tip is no matter how you choose to spin your article please make sure you proof read it. You want it to sound natural and spun content typically doesn't. This is important even if you don't spin and write new articles as well.

An Alternative to Spinning

What I am about to describe to you may be a big let down, especially if you are a fan of spinning content. But if you write more you will get better and faster at it. And ideas will naturally flow. Ideas tend to feed off each other and one of the best ways to take advantage of that is to keep doing it. When you do come up with other ideas while you are writing, make sure you have a notepad or some other way (like a recorder) to jot down your ideas.


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