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How to Choose a Shower MP3 Player

Updated on September 27, 2011

Enjoying Your Shower

If you love music, you may also love listening even while you're in the shower. Music can make the morning routine more enjoyable and get your mind and body ready for the day ahead. Of course, like most electronic devices, MP3 players can be destroyed by moisture. That is, unless you have a shower MP3 player.

On this page you'll learn about shower MP3 players, the types that are available, some tips for choosing the right one, and you'll even find a few of the better models available.

Tips for Choosing a Shower MP3 Player

There are a number of MP3 player devices on the market which can survive and perform well in the shower. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the one that suits both your wallet and your needs:

  • Safety
    What we're talking about here is the safety of your MP3 player. Some shower MP3 players may be water resistant, meaning that they can tolerate some inadvertent splashes. Others are truly waterproof and can survive a good dousing with no problem.

    Basically, the shower MP3 player options available come in two varieties. One is a waterproof housing with built in speakers and a waterproof chamber for your MP3 player itself. This option generally gives the user the most control over their MP3 player while showering.

    The second option is a waterproof media player speaker system which communicates with a transmitter, located outside of the shower where the MP3 player is docked. The user tends to have less control over the device but certainly the player is even more protected from potential water damage.

    These waterproof speaker systems also offer more flexibility as they can often give users access to other devices via an audio earphone jack. For instance you may be able to listen to stereo, CD players, TV, and so forth as well. These devices have an operating range. Some may transmit from 50 feet away, 100, or perhaps 150. It's important to know the limitations.

  • Compatibility with Your MP3 Player
    While many of these devices offer universal compatibility, it's good to check and to be sure you'll be able to connect your MP3 player to the system for playback.

  • Control
    As mentioned above, some shower MP3 players give users more control than others. Many of them give you volume control which is critical since the shower can easily drown out the music without it. However, some also allow you to skip or go back over tunes. Others may even allow you to use the shuffle function and so forth. The single unit design that allows you to place your media player in the shower unit tends to offer the most control.

  • Power
    Any device that goes in the shower will be battery powered of course. However, if there is a transmitter/docking station included, it may be battery powered or it may offer AC power in addition to the battery. Having the option is good and can save on batteries. In addition, these models are more likely to have the added advantage of acting as a charging unit for your MP3 player as well.

  • Extra Features
    Some shower MP3 players will also offer other convenience features like a mirror, a built-in radio, or clock. If you'll also want to listen to your stereo, CD player, podcasts, and so forth, then you should check for this capability as well.

  • Flexibility
    Certainly a portable device that allows you place your media player inside of it will also give you the flexibility of taking it elsewhere and keeping it protected from moisture. For instance, taking it along on a trip to the beach or out camping would be possible as well as showering with it. Of course if you're more interested in swimming with an MP3 player, you may want to consider some of the sporty versions that are waterproof MP3 players which come with an armband, neckstrap or something similar.

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    • KenWu profile image

      KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

      I used to having turn on my radio to a high volume when showering but this mp3 player is awesome. Got to think about this.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 7 years ago

      What a grand idea and this replaces the old shower radio with a lot more listening options.