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Make Money Sell Pure MYSORE SILK. - Tips.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Silk - Color & Printed Designs.

May Cost $ 400
May Cost $ 400
May Cost $ 400
May Cost $ 400
May Cost $ 400
May Cost $ 400
Every body's Favorite.Machine Printed
Every body's Favorite.Machine Printed
Silk Tye's
Silk Tye's
Silk Hand Print.
Silk Hand Print.

Queen Silk.

In India we produce Silk Fabrics for Fashion Fabrics much more than any country except China.We might have over century of border free trade with China few kings would have made their men learn the art of making silk.This was a Royal Fabric than and it is a rich mans fabric now.

Karnataka is the largest producer of silk in India and many other states also produce.In Karnataka it is now a Govt's business inherited from the Royal Silk House called as Mysore Silk Factory.

The British wanted to have their own mills producing this Royal Business and their pride for this passion resulted in setting up their own silk mils far away from their cotton mill at Bangalore the Giant name in Textiles BINNY'S.

The silk fabrics were far superior to the one produced at the Royal Mills at Mysore.on account of the rigid quality control procedures of physical eye inspection rather than depending on any instruments that were perhaps not invented at that time.

Their Binny's technique of silk dying was very secretive and hence the silk mill was far away from their huge cotton mills.They were perhaps the first in India to color a single 5 meter cloth in more than one shade so popular at that period.

They however were not keen to print silk as their colored fabrics with Gold border were famous through out India and their production was always over booked.They however did not stop by their success but were doing continuous research in dying of silk.

Printing of silk fabrics were developed by those who came out of the Binny mills after they retired from service and started producing the fabric in their home by keeping few weaving machines them themselves.This unorganized industry spread like forest fire and soon Bangalore was famous for silk with production from major producers in Bangalore mostly and from Mysore largely.

Printing of silk is now again a technique that is mostly done by various silk merchants in several places with designers who have developed the skill printing beyond any body's expectations.The printing quality is uncontrolled and methods used is perhaps century old technique using wooden blocks with embedded designs in reverse as also some locally designed machines called as Flat Bed Screen Printing.

Dyeing of Silk and washing is also done as a cottage industry though there are big players doing a good job and exporting the Silk printed fabrics to Royal Palaces all over the Globe.

Silk is also a Technical Textile Fiber and Spider Silk is now equal to Steel.

Hand Prints


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