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Simple Tools That Can help you to get a Better Following at Twitter

Updated on May 18, 2013

Sometimes, 140 characters are good enough to get viral online. Well, if you know about the power of Twitter, you are already aware of this internet marketing truth. Twitter alone can help you make a name online, if you know how to use it properly for marketing purposes. For proper usage of Twitter as a marketing tool, it’s extremely important to get a good and targeted following. Anyone can get thousands of followers with a bit of effort, but, the trick lies in getting targeted followers who will indeed be interested in your business or product.

In this article, I’ll like to talk about a few online tools that can help you to get a better following, be it targeted by interest or country:

Finding Local Twitter Friends

If you have a business that’s targeted for local people only, this option must be suitable to you. I’ll list down two options for you:

Twitter Advanced Search: Yes, I am talking about the good old Twitter functionality. On the Advanced search page, you can enter keywords. On the same page, you will find a filter – “Near this place.” You have to enter the name of the place (In this case, where you live or your local business is targeted at) and Twitter will find results based on their geo-targeted data.

Nearby Tweets: This integrates Twitter localized search with Google Maps. You can search for Twitter users not only based on keywords, but location as well. In the Preferences section, you need to save the recent locations and keywords. You therefore set the default search radius and you can block certain locations or keywords from appearing in your search results.

Finding Users with Similar Interests

With this, you will create a Twitter follower base for yourself, that’s targeted to a particular niche, probably yours in this case:

Wefollow: You cans search for Twitter users based on a keyword or tag. You need to add your Twitter username over there, so that people with similar interests can follow you as well.

Just Tweet It: Similar to Wefollow, this is kind of a Twitter directory with users from different interests listed right on the homepage.

Twellow: Works similarly and you can add yourself as well. This directory has numerous Twitter users listed and hence finding proper followers is easier there, at least that’s how it fared to me.

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Relationship Management in Twitter

This is important, particularly when you are promoting a credible business through Twitter:

Contaxio: This has numerous menus that can help you with you Twitter relationship management. Not only Twitter, but, you can fetch information from other social networking sites such as Google, Linkedin and Facebook as well. The filters are strong enough to dissect your Twitter usage and find users whose messages or retweets may have gone unnoticed. It analyzes your profile and lists the most important relationships for you in Twitter. It breaks down the information for you: lists the most important members, people whom you can unfollow as they are not that much of high value and groups. It can also help you to connect with new people (Based on past engagement) with whom you can connect for a growth on your niche. With a free account, you can only get 30 engaged member details and add a single profile only.

I hope the aforementioned twitter tools can help you get a better follower base. Don’t forget to share your experience through the comments feature. If you have already have some experience regarding Twitter marketing, I'll request you to share your experience as well.


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