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A Free and Easy Content Management System for your client’s websites

Updated on June 13, 2011

I used to design websites for small businesses, and sometimes still do. I was always asked if there was something I could add or some way I could design their website that would allow them, many of them novice computer users, to easily make additions and updates to their websites by themselves. They also did not want to spend too much money.

I thought this was beyond my capabilities, until I discovered CushyCMS, Cushy is a free CMS program that is easy for you the web designer to set up and easier still for your customers to use. They also allow you to upgrade to a pro account for $28 a month which allows more features and customization. Most of my clients however are fine with the free version of this Content Management System.

Just sign up for an account at CushyCMS ( to easily begin the process. There is no software to install and no programming required. Then select the website you wish to include. You can sign up as many websites as you would like on your account. Then you can choose the pages of that particular website you want to make editable. You can select as many pages as you would like. With a few lines of CSS, you as the web designer define what parts of the page you will allow to be edited. This means there are no worries about your client “accidentally messing something up”. Just add some FTP information and your ready to sign your clients up as editors.

Simply provide an e-mail address for anyone you want to become an editor of that website. They will receive a welcoming e-mail saying you the web designer of that site have added them as an editor. They will receive login information and a password that they later themselves can change. They can then login and make the changes to the pages you have allowed access to. There is an easy to use interface. Most of your customers will not require any training at all. If they do have some html knowledge they can choose to edit the code themselves.

Most of my clients that I have set this up for are very pleased. They find it easy to use and understand and are happy that they can now manage content by themselves. The only complaint I have is that there is no direct personal support with the free program. Run by a company called Stateless Systems inMelbourne,Australia, they do have a support section on their website and a Facebook presence. I would highly recommend CushyCMS. I have no affiliation with this product. I just discovered it and thought I would pass it along.


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